Thursday, 13 February 2014

Early Valentines at Alkaff Mansion

One day ahead of Valentines, we had ourselves a wonderful dinner at Alkaff Mansion. The drive from my office takes roughly 10-15mins & it is inaccessible via public transport. Being a Thursday night, the restaurant was pretty quiet when we arrived close to 7pm. Despite the inconvenient location, the restaurant was in an intimate destination away from the hustle & bustle of city life. Perfect indeed for a romantic night out.

 The fiancĂ© was satiated from lunch hence we ordered an Oven Baked Seabream from Italy with Sicilian Caponata & Lemon Sauce to share. Preparation time took well over 20mins but fortunately we were served bread to keep our mouths busy & hunger at bay. Finally, the dish was served & the waitress helped to de-bone the fish so it was no sweat for us, plus no troublesome chore of removing fish bones or the fear of choking on fish bones. I am a huge fan of fish & I am delighted at how fantastic this dish was.

One advantage of baking is how it seals flavours in the fish meat. At the same time the chef has brilliant control such that the fish does not turn out dry or flaky. What you have here is a fish filled with juicy flavour, the meat was tender & fresh. Not even the slightest hint of fishiness was present, excellent dish which was very well prepared. The asparagus & vegetables on the side makes this dish a complete meal.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Review for GNC LAC Taut® White

When I returned from the scorching hot city of Ho Chi Minh, inevitably my originally fair skin was alil tanned. After some googling, I found GNC's LAC Taut® White. I decided to take the plunge & try it out in hopes of restoring my skin tone, after all GNC is a reliable brand. What more there was an ongoing promotion, VIP Price: S$47.96.

Received the product at my doorstep on Mon & today is day 3 of consumption. Basically it comes in powder form & recommendations suggest that users consume one stick daily by mixing it with LAC Taut Collagen Drink, water or fruit juice. 

When I opened the powder pack, it just smells like medicine. Eeeewww! Following recommendations, Day 1 of consumption I mixed the powder with fruit juice but the powder stayed in solid form & stubbornly refused to dissolve, instead the whole mass of coagulated powder sank to the bottom of my glass of chilled fruit juice. Thankfully I could only taste the fruit juice, no bitter/sour/weird taste from the LAC Taut® White powder.

Day 2 I mixed the powder with Vitagen which proved to be a failure too, once again the powder sits at the bottom of the Vitagen bottle but thankfully my Vitagen still tastes the same despite that mass of undissolved powder. I wonder if the poor solubility was due to my choice of chilled drinks. Hence on Day 3 I tried mixing the powder with warm green tea. To my horror, my usually clear green tea became a "dirty brown" mixture (yes, just like the chemical reactions we did back in school). The LAC Taut® White powder has successfully polluted my green tea & contaminated its taste! My green tea tasted sour & horrible :(

Honestly I'm pretty upset with the low solubility of this product. And even more mortified at how bad it tastes! Isn't it supposed to be tasteless or at least have some sweet fruity taste?! And I'm only on my 3rd stick, still 27 more to go. 

Woe is me X_x