Saturday, 28 December 2013

Strangers' Reunion

Last brunch of 2013 at Strangers' Reunion together with the 好姐妹. Yet another hipster brunch place, boy, I don't foresee I will ever get sick of whole-day breakfast!

Strangers' Reunion only accept reservations for group of 6 or more. Both of us walked in, fortunately there were empty seats for us. We ordered an egg toast & a waffle with yoghurt. Food was forgettable & to satisfy our taste-buds & fill our tummy, we had a chocolate cheesecake for dessert which was thankfully not too bad.

This is how weekends should be spent. 5 out of 7 days in a week we are hard at work. The 2 precious days of weekend should be for relaxation of the mind & senses. The wonderful weekend should be spent in the company of loved ones, treasured ones. 

The ones whom we can speak our mind & bare our soul. The ones who do not judge but love us for who we are. The ones who laugh together at our silly senseless jokes, the ones who know us maybe even better than ourselves. The ones whom we know as BFF or 好姐妹. These precious ones who I hold dear to my heart, thanks for putting the A into Awesome. 

Strangers' Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169355
Tel: 6222 4869


Thursday, 26 December 2013

POSB/DBS Interbank Transfer to OCBC

Wasted 20 minutes of my time queuing, only to find out that there is a $20 service charge. Fyi this service is free on internet banking.

*Updated* Over the counter inter-bank transfer, funds get transferred almost immediately. Otherwise, internet banking takes 3 working days.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Group Therapy Cafe

Long delayed brunch with the BFF, she brought me to a hipster brunch place in Tanjong Pagar for my belated birthday celebration. We ordered -

Baked Chilli Crab Pie - Chunks of real crab claw meat cooked in chilli crab sauce and baked in a sweet shortcrust butter pastry

Belgian-styled Waffle with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, almonds & fruits

Crab pie was delightful, just imagine eating chili crab but minus the mess, sounds good yeah? As for the waffle with ice-cream, you really cannot go wrong with that :) Bill for 2 came up to $30. Limited seats though, they do not accept reservations but you can call 30mins ahead of your arrival. The friendly staff will help get your seats & hopefully a shorter wait time for table.

 Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Road #02-01
Singapore 089513
Tel: +65 6222 2554

Opening Hours Mondays: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am to 6pm
Fridays - Saturdays: 11am to 11pm
Sundays & PH: 10am to 6pm

Friday, 22 November 2013

Super Star K (Korean BBQ restaurant)

Discovered another Korean BBQ restaurant along little Korean town (Tanjong Pagar). This restaurant serves ala carte korean dishes. We ordered a single serving of spicy chicken & pork bulgogi. Goodness me, the spice in the chicken is out of this whole world. Even though we are 2 huge chili lovers, the spice just burnt our lips & tongue, both of us were unable to appreciate this dish :(

What is different about this restaurant is you have staff cooking your food for you! How wonderful, enjoy the food without the grease on your face & fingers hehe. As for side dishes, the first refill is free! Bill for 2 came up to approximately $60.

Super Star K
75 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088496

17:30 - 02:00
Tel: 6224 0504

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Tim Ho Wan, IFC Mall

When one mentions Tim Ho Wan in Singapore, other than the mouthwatering dim sum that comes to mind, the less exciting part has got to be the long queue & endless waiting time. So when we were in Hong Kong, other than savouring the authentic Tim Ho Wan, we also hoped for a shorter waiting time.

Secretly stowed in the basement of Hong Kong MTR station, the restaurant is not exactly easy to find but ask your way around, you will definitely get there. The dim sum is worth the walk!

We arrived at 11.30am & there was a crowd of customers around, fortunately we barely waited 10-15mins for the table, thank goodness! The food was excellent, price was acceptable too. After eating here I am a believer, thankfully Tim Ho Wan has outlets in Singapore, just a matter of whether we want to brave the queue :)


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Hong Kong Disneyland Park

With a MTR conveniently located at Disneyland Resort Station, transportation was a breeze. We arrived on a Tuesday morning, bright & early at 9ish in the morning. There were already visitors in park who were already queueing at the entrance gate. We quickly got our tickets & joined the queue. Right before the gates open, Mickey & Minnie Mouse comes out to greet eager park visitors. There I was grinning ear to ear like a 5 year old.

Disneyland is truly a magical place where one relives all their childhood dreams. Getting to travel on the exciting & some kiddy rides brought out the kid in me. Meeting & snapping photographs with the characters such as Goofy & Tinker Bell was an unforgettable experience. I have not had such joy in a long time. The night ended off with fascinating fireworks, park visitors do stay on till 8.30pm for the show, I assure you it is worth the wait! Disneyland is definitely one of the happiest places on Earth


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Birthday Celebration @ AVA Restaurant Slash Bar

Being my first proper meal in Hong Kong, I decided that it would be quite an experience to dine against the backdrop of the panoramic view of the city's skyline. As for choice of food, well since we are in Hong Kong, Cantonese cuisine has to be most authentic here! So it would be silly not to go for Cantonese. The other cuisine, my all-time favorite, has to be Western food. Going by that guideline, we short-listed a couple of restaurants -

1. Tin Lung Heen (Ritz-Carlton)
2. Grissini (Grand Hyatt)
3. AVA Restaurant Slash Bar (Hotel Panorama)

Though we called for reservations 3 weeks in advance, the window seats at Tin Lung Heen were already fully booked :( After looking at reviews & menus, we decided on AVA as prices seem reasonable & it was within walking distance from where we stayed. AVA is located on the 38th floor of Hotel Panorama by Rhombus in Tsim Sha Tsui. The fiancé requested for a seat with a good view when he placed the reservation. Hence we were pleased when the waitress showed us to a cosy corner seat, right behind the floor-to-ceiling window was the magnificent view of Victoria harbour!

As with all fine dining, portions are small but presentation is fantastic. 2 outstanding dishes worth mentioning are the Boston Lobster & their Signature Raspberry & Rose Ice-cream.

The Boston Lobster was served in a tear-drop shaped ice dome. The whole presentation of this dish was nothing short of WOW. The mango together with the juicy lobster meat was a delightful combination.

Their Signature Raspberry & Rose Ice-cream was a visual treat. First the chef rolls out his trolley, then right before your eyes, he will then put up his star performance. The chef expertly mixes the ingredients in a wooden bowl, before pouring liquid nitrogen. Immediately the liquid nitrogen boils off into gas, forming an impressive cloud of vapour around the chef's trolley, adding onto the mystery of what he is concocting. The ice cream slowly takes its solid form in the wooden tray.

Skillfully, the chef scoops the ice cream out & lays it in a shortbread tart crust. On the tray you can see a stalk of rose, where the chef will dip into liquid nitrogen, instantly the rose petals freezes off. The chef gently taps the petals & it shatters into tiny bits & pieces, serving as lovely garnish on the ice cream. This was my first time eating flowers & the raspberry together with rose petals turns out to be nothing short of amazing.

All in all, it was money well-spent & definitely an unforgettable birthday celebration :)

AVA Restaurant Slash Bar
8A Hart Avenue
Kowloon, Hong Kong
For Reservations please contact us: + (852) 3550 0262

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Hong Kong Trip - airfare & hotel

2013 was the year where I finally got to visit Hong Kong. Yes, I have never been there before!

Long ago when I was a kid, I remember fondly Hong Kong Tourism's TV ad with the slogan - 买东西,吃东西!买东西,吃东西!Naturally, that became my primary goal for this trip.

The lure of cheap air tickets proved hard to resist. When JetStar ran their sale in Apr this year, we immediately choped our seats to the Pearl of the Orient, more than half a year in advance!

Tickets for 2 to Hong Kong, with 15kg check-in baggage for one pax on the departing flight & 20kg for return flight also for one pax - $514.

Afterthoughts - For the departing flight from Singapore, by some stroke of good luck, we were offered seats near the emergency exit. Such a pleasant start to the trip! The seats have wider legroom which was wonderful because you can wriggle around on your butt throughout the 4 hour long flight.

The return leg however, was a full flight & we were assigned the normal seats. A 4 hour flight on a cramped seat is okay for a small-sized human like me with not very long legs (height only 155cm). But along many points of the flight, my butt did felt really painful & just simply uncomfortable. As for the boyfriend, as expected, the cramped legroom is torturous. Mental note : do not be lured by cheap budget airline tickets!

Hunted for hotels high & low, asked for friends recommendations, finally decided on Xi Hotel. Accomodation for 4 nights - $725.

Afterthoughts - hotel turns out to be pretty decent (refer to photos), our room was located on the 10th floor. Only gripe being the very limited food selection for breakfast. For the 4 days which we were entitled to free breakfast as part of our room bookings, we only had breakfast there for the first 2 mornings because the same food was available every single day.

For those who need to be on their mobile the whole time, you will be glad to know there is free wifi provided by the hotel!  Nearest MTR is Tsim Sha Tsui but bear in mind, 8 - 10mins walking on foot to reach the hotel. Location is great, easily accessible to many places of attraction via MTR.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Birthday Celebration @ TungLok Signatures

Of all cuisines, I really cannot comprehend why Chinese food cost so much. Of course it is apparent to you from that earlier statement I am no fan of Chinese cuisine. So, not much comments from me regarding the food in this restaurant. Everything just comes across to me as overpriced.

Worthy of mention though is the boyfriend's attempt at surprising me with a birthday cake. Throughout dinner he kept excusing himself to use the washroom & he told me that he had a stomachache. I didn't give much thought to it & continued stuffing myself with food.

Towards the end of dinner, the floor manager suddenly walked up to our table with a cake in one hand & a lighter in the other. In my head, I was thinking "excuse me, wrong table lah!" because the restaurant was full house that night. As you may have guessed it, the boyfriend then appeared with a triumphant cheeky smile. Everything just fell in place & it dawned on me what those frequent visits to the washroom actually were!

Yes, you got me there Mr Fiance, thanks for the smash hit surprise!

Birthday Celebration @ Esmirada, Orchard Hotel

One day before I departed for Hong Kong, I celebrated my birthday with my girls at Esmirada. The grilled squid & paella was fantastic (seafood lover here)! Surprised to know the restaurant was pretty empty on a Saturday afternoon. And it was definitely a good location to sit down for a meal, just a stone throw away from the major shopping district of Singapore!

Thanks for the treat ladies!

Raspberry Field - pineapple, monin coconut, cream, raspberry puree
Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette)
Chorizo (Pork Sausages)
Grilled Squid
Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana - do note that this dish requires a preparation time of approximately 15mins

Paella Valenciana    
Paella Valenciana
Birthday cake was a surprise, Tiramisu made with Kahlua, served with a fire sparkler!

Esmirada @ Orchard
442 Orchard Road #01-29
Orchard Hotel
Singapore 238879

Tel: 6735 3476
Monday – Saturday: 12noon – 1am, Sunday 12noon – 12am