Friday, 27 February 2015

Review of Just10 Group, Queensway Shopping Centre

I paid $18 for this deal -
Just10 Group Multi-location: L'Oreal Brand New 8-Step Detox Hair & Scalp Purifying Treatment Voucher value: S$280.00

Went down during lunch time today hoping to get a good wash and blow-dry. Walked in with permed curly hair (as you would know), the hairdresser was trying to get me to top-up for add-ons and/or packages which I kindly refused.

At the end of the treatment I walked out of the salon with STRAIGHT HAIR because of a bad "blowjob". I suppose the hairdresser was upset that I did not purchase any add-ons and/or packages hence she decided that she will blow-dry my permed hair to its straight original form BOO-HOO :(

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review of lash extensions at The Best Beauty, Century Square

** Updated 17 Feb
Bought the deal for 2 Pax Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension & Perm from JuzToday and intended to redeem it together with my BFF. When calling to book appointments, the staff insisted that they do not run lash extension deals for 2 Pax. And secondly, though the deal stated no surcharge for redemption during CNY period, the staff told me over the phone that there is a $10 surcharge. I went ahead to make an appointment for redemption on 14Feb for myself (1pax).

At the same time, I contacted JuzToday regarding a mis-representation in the deal

Email -
"I bought the 2 pax option for this deal "Only $18 for KOREAN POPSTAR Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension + 3D Eyelash Perm @ 7 Locations Islandwide" !!

Under the T&Cs it was stated that this deal was "Valid on eve of PH & PH!" but when I called up to fix an appointment for me and my girlfriend, the merchant tells me $10 surcharge is applicable per pax. Can you explain to me why does your website leave out this crucial piece of information?"

JuzToday replied -
"We checked and confirmed that the merchant did not inform about the surcharge to us previously. It might be due to the coming CNY festive season.

Nevertheless, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Would you be able to consume the coupons? Thanks."

Come 14Feb, I went down punctually to redeem the deal. Upon reaching the shop I flashed the voucher to the shop assistant showing proof that the T&C clearly states 2pax and I paid $32 for the 2pax voucher. Honestly, how else can you interpret "2 Pax Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension & Perm"?

To my horror, the lady replied me out loud, attempting to humiliate me in the shop by saying that for this price, there is no way you could have purchased a deal for 2pax. She interpreted the deal as 1Pax to enjoy the lash extensions and the 2nd pax to enjoy the lash perming. Not lash + perm for 2 customers. I honestly found this reasoning to be bullshit. Nonetheless, I do not wish to argue further, just wanted to finish the extensions and get the hell out of this shady shop.

Before starting the lash extensions, the shop assistant kept harping on eyelash perming. Well, according to her flawed interpretation, I could redeem both lash + perm on myself. I thought since it was already included in my deal why not just do it. To my horror yet again, the lady tried to up-sell me $120 top-up for perming, claiming that their shop uses premium perm solution that will produce very long-lasting perm effects. Do you really think I am a 3 year old?

Grudgingly, we finally begun the lash extensions. While working on my lashes, once again the hard-selling tactics surface. She claims that since I am not doing lash perming, she offered to do a thicker layer of extensions and requested that I top up $30 for another layer of lash-by-lash extensions on top of the cluster extensions that my deal covered. This according to her, will ensure that the extensions last longer. I clarified with her to ensure that there will be no discomfort because I fear that a thick layer of extensions will be too heavy for my tiny eyes. She confirmed that I will not feel a thing (the extensions).

Well, with my eyes at her mercy, I agreed. I suppose she loaded my eyelids with tonnes of glue because my eyeballs felt like they were burning. When the therapist was done with the extensions and asked for me to open my eyes, my eyes were red and tearing furiously. Speaks alot about her skills. Or rather, the lack-thereof.

When she finally completed the extensions, I was stupefied to see that the effects. It was exactly the same as the uncomfortable and torturous extensions done at City Plaza which only costs me $30! But I had actually paid $32 (voucher) + $30=$62 for this?! As if she has not extorted enough from me, she went on to offer me $388 packages and also kindly informed that removal of lashes would cost another $30! I was already boiling mad and wanted to get the hell out of the salon before I exploded from anger.

The extensions were glued onto the eyelids so my eyes just felt burdened and heavy, most uncomfortable so to speak. In the shower when I shut my eyes to prevent water from getting it, my eyelids felt painful because of the extension "pinching" on my skin.

During the night in my sleep, I felt the lashes poking my eyelids, to my utter horror, the extensions all fell OFF. Yes, within less than 24hrs! Oh the irony of her telling me that the extensions done at their salon is of good quality and will last for a good long time. In case you are wondering, I did not return to make a scene or request for them to rectify the job proper because I was pretty sure that if I had gone back I would have created a din and end up on Stomp. And judging by how the business conducts itself, they will definitely give me a piece of their mind, in the loudest manner possible.

May this nightmare serve as a reminder for all before deciding to purchase any deals associated with The Best Beauty.

Update - after reaching out to JuzToday, they have kindly offered to refund my purchase back in the form of store credits :)

Photo taken right after extensions were done

Less than 24hrs after extensions were done
Extensions all fell off by themselves!

What remains

Snapshot of deal from

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Review of facial at SkinLab The Medical Spa, Wheelock Place

$28 Groupon deal includes 90 min Clinical Vita C Infusion Facial + Mask with Eye Treatment + 15 min Lactic Peel. Arrived on time for my appointment on a Sunday morning. Upon consultation, I made known that my key concern was blackheads. The consultant advised that I should top up for a medical peel (which was previously known as chemical peel, using salicylic acid) because the Lactic Peel included in my Groupon was much milder. The salicylic acid would allow the blackheads to be extracted easily subsequently.

With the promise of less painful extraction, I went ahead and topped up $38 for the peel. Mind you, this top up already costs more than the Groupon deal itself. I guess for me, I like to try and experience new treatments which will treat my blackheads and in particular, any treatments which will pave the way for less painful extractions is a must-try for me, provided it is within my affordability.

I had high expectations for the facial, SkinLab promoted themselves as a medical spa hence I had the impression that the products used in the facial must be of higher grade than your usual beauty salons. Unfortunately, the facial did not meet my expectations. During the exit interview, I had voiced out my disappointment.

Firstly, the salicylic acid peel served no purpose because the facial extractions still hurt (like a b!tch) to the same extent as my usual facials. In fact the blackheads extraction was not performed thoroughly. I was taken aback when the consultant explained that her beautician did not perform a full extraction as I was using a Groupon deal. I suppose a suitable analogy would be - imagine you went to a restaurant which serves you half-cooked food and the restaurant manager then explains to you "Oh we are serving you sub-standard food because you are a Groupon customer." *Slow clap* Another tiny gripe I had was, the beautician did not even trim my eyebrows. I was clearly not impressed.

The consultant went on to offer 2 subsequent facials at $268 and she promised that this time round the beautician will (1) perform the full suite of services (extraction in particular) and (2) leave the chemical peel on the nose for a longer period of time for the blackheads to be better exfoliated.

I felt this was illogical, the whole point of working with Groupon is to promote your brand to new customers like myself, and if your services and treatments were in fact that fantastic (like how it was with Gangnam), customers would be able to tell and see the results from this one trial session. Why would customers purchase any more of your services if the trial session produced no results? Needless to say based on my personal experience with SkinLab, my overall review is a thumbs down.