Monday, 21 September 2015

Review of natural silk lash-by-lash eyelash extension + touch-up at Lavande, Punggol Plaza

Went down on Friday evening to redeem my lash extensions and was surprised to know that it is a sister company of Dreamlash.

Started the eyelash extensions promptly but I was stunned by how much the glue stings my left eyelid, fortunately at the end of the extensions there was no visible damage to my eyelids. The extensions were very short-lived because today is merely day 3 but as you can see from the photo below, the remaining extensions are very sparse as many strands of extensions have already fallen off. I was expecting the same quality akin to Dreamlash and I was pretty disappointed.

The Groupon includes a touch-up session which I have booked my appointment on the coming Sunday, let's see if that can help lengthen the lifetime of the eyelash extensions.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review of 1-Hr Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab, The Star Vista

Recently purchased the Groupon deal for 2 sessions of Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab for $54. Arrived ahead of my 12.30pm appointment to ensure there is ample time for me to enjoy the full hour of lymphatic massage. However I was sorely disappointed when the masseuse continued talking till 12.50pm on my health analysis until I kindly informed her that I need to leave at 2pm. The other customer who also had a 12.30pm appointment (also using Groupon) was promptly whisked off to her treatment without much sales talk by the consultant.

I wasn't too happy about the time management and had voiced out to the masseuse to please take note of time and she suggested that another masseuse help out so the treatment can be completed within less than an hour. I was upset because I had arrived on time for my appointment, but thanks to the salesperson yakking away. my treatment had to be cut short.

Finally I changed out of my clothes and lied down on the massage bed. Even before the treatment started, the masseuse had already started hard-selling me some massage oil for $68 on the pretence that it was beneficial to my body. Hello??? I paid $54 for 2 sessions of treatment, why would I top-up $68 for a product that can only be utilized for a single session. And because of the time constraint, the masseuse could only work on my back.

I rejected her courteously and finally she started kneading on my sore muscles, unfortunately the happiness was short-lived as she rattled on again about topping up for some other products. I gave in and paid $38 for a moxibustion product that did not serve any purpose. When the 2nd masseuse join in, both of them just kept yakking away when all I wanted was to rest and relax in peace. Certainly most annoying.

The treatment was approximately 40mins and I did not relax at all, when I left the shop my back was still as sore, as though the lymphatic massage was not done at all. Understandably I was not too pleased and that $38 top-up clearly did not work any magic as promised. Overall I do not recommend this place, masseuse were not skilled and in fact were much more equipped at yakking away.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review of facial and lash extensions at Pheonix La Beaute, Palais Renaissance

Bought the deal for $50 and scheduled my appointment on a Sunday morning. I had enquired with the staff to find out how much time I need to set aside for both facial and lash extensions, the staff had informed me both procedures would take roughly 2hrs thereabouts.

First, the staff performed the facial which turned out to be my longest facial ever. I was lying on my back so long that my back was starting to ache. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy long facials so long as time is efficiently spent. And generally I would equate long facial = better results, I was simply stumped by how slow-motion everything was and the end results was not impressive at all. Not surprisingly, the facial took a whole 2hrs. 

The blackhead extraction was not performed thoroughly despite me instructing the therapist to not go gentle on me because I preferred to put up with the pain and torture of extraction in exchange for a clean nose.

Next was the eyelash extensions. Lash artist informed me that my natural lashes were short, sparse and unequal in lengths hence she could only manage 10mm extensions. Well, I trust the professional's judgement. 

Everything went fine but my major gripe was when she was removing the tape on my eyelids at the end of the procedure. Boy oh boy, that bloody hell hurts! It did felt like they were using industrial masking tape because I have never encountered tape that adheres so strongly onto the skin! Of course, I voiced out my discontent and the lash artist could only apologize. My eyelids were slightly bruised from the ferocious masking tape removal. That really spoilt the experience, just imagine how pissed I was! I left the saloon after 3hrs and 15mins, talk about major overrun man!

The extensions were nothing to shout about, I've had more impressive extensions done before. But going by the value I paid for the deal, it's not too bad after all. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review of eye define at Browhaus, Tampines1

Purchased the eyeliner tattoo session at $428 and went for the treatment this afternoon. I had to postpone the session to today because previously I had eyelash extensions which would reduce the effects of the numbing cream on my eyelids.

I was very worried about the pain factor because I wasn't sure how effective the numbing cream was going to be. The therapist first drew an outline of how the end results will look like before starting. Those who had seen me with my regular makeup would know that I usually line my eyelids with a thick line of eyeliner. However the therapist advised me against having such a thick line tattooed as this is semi-permanent after all. Henceforth we went ahead with a thinner, more natural look. 

She first applied the numbing cream which will take 15mins to take full effect. When she started, not only did the buzzing sound from the tattooing device send chills down my spine, I was also quite shocked to feel the tattoo device stinging my eyelids (isn't it supposed to be pain-free?). This is turning into quite a nightmare it seems. The therapist then applied a 2nd layer of numbing cream before continuing. 

The whole tattooing process was very uncomfortable to say the least, not to the extent of painful yet but just imagine how sensitive the eye area is and having ink jabbed into the skin multiple times? That is certainly not a soothing nor comfortable procedure at all.

At the end of the hour I was just super relieved that I survived without having my eyeballs pierced. Immediately after I could feel the swell in my eyelids and as the numbing cream started to wear off I could feel mild pain in the lids. 

The therapist did inform me of swelling the following day and I should use an ice pack to help relieve swelling. I also purchased the aftercare set ($160.50) to help prolong the lifetime of the eyeliner tattoo. The Build formula is said to repair and regenerate skin cells while the Fix balm is to help heal skin wounds.

Personally I would not recommend this treatment for the faint-hearted, I felt the whole experience was quite traumatizing. Undergoing such torture to save time over makeup is not a worthy trade at all! Had I known that the discomfort level was at such high intensity I would never have bought the treatment session. Nonetheless, each and every individual has his/her threshold for pain. I could undergo brazilian waxing with no sweat, facial sessions with intensive blackhead extractions also with no sweat. But this, tattooing on the eyelids is on another level altogether!

Recovery stages in another blog post soon!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Review of laser facial at Refresh Laser Clinic, Tampines Mall

Promotion as follows - Enjoy complete care at Refresh! Three minutes of Deep Laser (Gold standard FDA approved Revlite/Fotona) wash and two minutes of Intense Pulse Light Lift with pre and post treatment care by experience clinic assistant.

3 x Laser Facial at $60

Arrived promptly on a Friday evening for the first session of laser facial and after filling up the registration form, I was promptly whisked away to start the procedure. 

The clinic assistant first helped to cleanse and remove any makeup on my face before the doctor had a quick chat with me to find out my objectives from the laser treatments as it was my first session with Refresh. 

Before starting the doctor did mention that as this is my first session, he will lower the intensity accordingly.

The treatment room had about 4-5 beds and was partitioned by curtains, much unlike the individual private room I experienced at Gangnam Laser Clinic

The laser treatment was administered by doctor and right after followed by IPL administered by the clinic assistant.

The entire procedure took less than 15mins and I was able to book my 2nd appointment with much ease. The promotion I purchased requires the 3 sessions to be utilized within 7days hence the 2nd appointment was on the immediate Sunday evening. I am delighted to find that Refresh accepts appointments as late as 8.30pm on week days and even on weekends the doctor is available for laser facials.

On the 2nd appointment during the laser facial I was a little shocked when the laser facial felt more intense on my skin than before. I figured it is most likely due to the doctor upping the intensity since this was my 2nd session.

On the 3rd and final session, I chickened out and requested for a lower intensity which really felt like nothing on the skin. Needless to say when the laser operates at such lower power, there is not much effect so to speak. 

1st session by Dr David Tan
2nd session by Dr Yau
3rd session by a doctor whose name I can't remember. 

There is no consultation with the doctor nor follow-up offered and every single laser session I had a different doctor treating me. I am still deciding whether or not to take up a package because their prices are comparatively cheaper amongst all other laser clinics. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review of Fat Freezing at Only Aesthetics, 25A Lorong Mambong

Purchased a Groupon for 2 sessions of Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for $114 but owing to misinformation on Groupon's website (not again!) and wrong information given by Only Aesthetics' staff, I showed up for my appointment only to find that the Lorong Mambong outlet does not have the Exilis Laser machine.

Nonetheless, the consultant swapped Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for Fat Freezing treatment (Groupon price 3 sessions for $260). In today's single appointment alone, the Fat Freeze treatment administered was 2 sessions. Of course, no beauty appointments are complete without up-selling by the consultant. As part of their ongoing promotion, the consultant recommended CoolSculpting for $588 which promises to deliver results in a single session. Blehhh, I am here to utilize my Groupon and see results from this treatment, not spend additional bucks on other costly treatments.

I went down during lunch and the clinic appeared to be under-staffed, the consultant attending to me was overwhelmed with phone calls and faxes. There was no explanation given to me for the treatment I was having and no explanations on what to expect.

After I rejected the consultant's offer for CoolSculpting and insisted on going ahead with Fat Freeze, the consultant kindly added that Fat Freeze does not produce results in a single session, I will need at least 5-6 sessions to see results.

The consultant applied a gel on my tummy and laid out a cold wet piece of cloth on my tummy before using the Fat Freeze machine on my target area. The overall sensation was a strong suction pressure (similar to vacuum cleaner) on my belly. The 2 suction plates (1 on each side of my tummy) is equivalent to 2 sessions of Fat Freeze.

After 45mins I was done and of course, there was no visible results (abuthen!). Oh well, at least I tried.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Review of body massage and premium facial at Beyond Beauty, Tampines

$42 Groupon comprised of -
60-min full body massage (choose 1):
 - Fusion massage
 - Ginger massage
 - Red wine massage
 - Swedish massage

60-min premium facial (choose 1):
 - Micro dermabrasion facial
 - Vita Glow facial
 - Bi Polar facial

15-min bird’s nest eye mask application
15-min royal steam bath or hot blanket treatment

I redeemed my Groupon yesterday, the massage and facial were most basic and nothing to shout about but what was abhorrent was when I checked back to the Groupon deal site only to realise that I've been short-changed! The consultant and beautician did not redeem the 15-min bird’s nest eye mask application and 15-min royal steam bath or hot blanket treatment for me.

As a customer I felt short-changed because I did not get to enjoy what I paid for. This is certainly not acceptable behaviour of a reputable beauty saloon and I have reached out to Groupon, let's see what they have to say.