Monday, 21 September 2015

Review of natural silk lash-by-lash eyelash extension + touch-up at Lavande, Punggol Plaza

Went down on Friday evening to redeem my lash extensions and was surprised to know that it is a sister company of Dreamlash.

Started the eyelash extensions promptly but I was stunned by how much the glue stings my left eyelid, fortunately at the end of the extensions there was no visible damage to my eyelids. The extensions were very short-lived because today is merely day 3 but as you can see from the photo below, the remaining extensions are very sparse as many strands of extensions have already fallen off. I was expecting the same quality akin to Dreamlash and I was pretty disappointed.

The Groupon includes a touch-up session which I have booked my appointment on the coming Sunday, let's see if that can help lengthen the lifetime of the eyelash extensions.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review of 1-Hr Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab, The Star Vista

Recently purchased the Groupon deal for 2 sessions of Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab for $54. Arrived ahead of my 12.30pm appointment to ensure there is ample time for me to enjoy the full hour of lymphatic massage. However I was sorely disappointed when the masseuse continued talking till 12.50pm on my health analysis until I kindly informed her that I need to leave at 2pm. The other customer who also had a 12.30pm appointment (also using Groupon) was promptly whisked off to her treatment without much sales talk by the consultant.

I wasn't too happy about the time management and had voiced out to the masseuse to please take note of time and she suggested that another masseuse help out so the treatment can be completed within less than an hour. I was upset because I had arrived on time for my appointment, but thanks to the salesperson yakking away. my treatment had to be cut short.

Finally I changed out of my clothes and lied down on the massage bed. Even before the treatment started, the masseuse had already started hard-selling me some massage oil for $68 on the pretence that it was beneficial to my body. Hello??? I paid $54 for 2 sessions of treatment, why would I top-up $68 for a product that can only be utilized for a single session. And because of the time constraint, the masseuse could only work on my back.

I rejected her courteously and finally she started kneading on my sore muscles, unfortunately the happiness was short-lived as she rattled on again about topping up for some other products. I gave in and paid $38 for a moxibustion product that did not serve any purpose. When the 2nd masseuse join in, both of them just kept yakking away when all I wanted was to rest and relax in peace. Certainly most annoying.

The treatment was approximately 40mins and I did not relax at all, when I left the shop my back was still as sore, as though the lymphatic massage was not done at all. Understandably I was not too pleased and that $38 top-up clearly did not work any magic as promised. Overall I do not recommend this place, masseuse were not skilled and in fact were much more equipped at yakking away.