Thursday, 18 December 2014

Review of laser facial at Gangnam Laser Clinic, HarbourFront Centre

Received a complimentary laser facial session from the Gangnam team which came just in time for my wedding skin-prep.

Made the appointment on 18 Dec, approximately 1.5 weeks before wedding day in order to allow the skin to recover (fear of unexpected side effects after the laser treatment). I had high expectations for this laser facial after the raved facial I had at Gangnam Aesthetics. Furthermore, a close friend who went for the same treatment at their Raffles branch shared highly positive reviews. I mean, since laser facials are more penetrative than usual facials, the effects must be even more pronounced right?

Before heading down I had already checked out their prices and packages, seems reasonable and I just needed to see the effects after the treatment to convince myself to sign up.

Arrived at the clinic, filled in registration form and read through the long list of T&Cs on the indemnity form which kinda scared me because of the endless possibilities and side effects that may arise from the laser facial. Eventually I spoke to the doctor regarding my concerns and that my big day is coming so I cannot afford any awful bumps or spots on my face. Thankfully he laid all my fears to rest as the side effects only happen to a small handful of patients. Lastly, he added that his staff will pass me a post-laser treatment list of activities and products to avoid.

Before treatment started, the staff removed my makeup, albeit in a rather rough manner (Gangnam Aesthetics staff were much professional in this aspect), which left me rather displeased.

2 types of laser treatment was administered by the doctor, the first is the one that stings for skin resurfacing. The pain is definitely tolerable as it was only for a short 3-5mins. The "burnt" smell is due to facial hairs being burnt off by the laser. As I laid there going through the procedure, I silently hoped that the effects better be worth all these discomfort.

The next laser administered was for toning, this was a comfortable procedure as a warm probe was rolled around the face. After which the staff re-enters the room and requests that I shift to another room to recuperate with a mask applied to my face. The mask was icy cold and hence very soothing on my face.

After the staff removed my mask, she tells me that no further paperwork required and I was free to leave right away. So I enthsiastically checked out my skin in the mirror, I had expected bright, radiant skin but I was disappointed to see not much has changed on my face. Crestfallen, I left the clinic (which by then was empty, even the reception counter was empty) and without the post-laser treatment list.