Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review of facial and lash extensions at Pheonix La Beaute, Palais Renaissance

Bought the deal for $50 and scheduled my appointment on a Sunday morning. I had enquired with the staff to find out how much time I need to set aside for both facial and lash extensions, the staff had informed me both procedures would take roughly 2hrs thereabouts.

First, the staff performed the facial which turned out to be my longest facial ever. I was lying on my back so long that my back was starting to ache. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy long facials so long as time is efficiently spent. And generally I would equate long facial = better results, I was simply stumped by how slow-motion everything was and the end results was not impressive at all. Not surprisingly, the facial took a whole 2hrs. 

The blackhead extraction was not performed thoroughly despite me instructing the therapist to not go gentle on me because I preferred to put up with the pain and torture of extraction in exchange for a clean nose.

Next was the eyelash extensions. Lash artist informed me that my natural lashes were short, sparse and unequal in lengths hence she could only manage 10mm extensions. Well, I trust the professional's judgement. 

Everything went fine but my major gripe was when she was removing the tape on my eyelids at the end of the procedure. Boy oh boy, that bloody hell hurts! It did felt like they were using industrial masking tape because I have never encountered tape that adheres so strongly onto the skin! Of course, I voiced out my discontent and the lash artist could only apologize. My eyelids were slightly bruised from the ferocious masking tape removal. That really spoilt the experience, just imagine how pissed I was! I left the saloon after 3hrs and 15mins, talk about major overrun man!

The extensions were nothing to shout about, I've had more impressive extensions done before. But going by the value I paid for the deal, it's not too bad after all.