Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review of haircut at Exclusive Hair Studio

I have always been careful of having hairdressers trimming my bangs because as simple as the haircut may seem, it actually takes alot of skill to perfect the cut. Because my bangs are in need of a trim, I decided to try my luck & walk into this random hair saloon to trim my bangs. And this turns out to be a lousy decision because I walked out of the saloon with terrible uneven jagged bangs :(

Exclusive Hair Studio is located at #01-107, 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

You have been warned.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review of Premium Aesthetic Facial at Gangnam Aesthetics

Mention Korea & the first thing that comes to mind is the plastic surgery procedures. But beyond the plastics, you cannot help but agree that Korean women have fantastic complexion! Lunch time today, I popped over to Gangnam Aesthetics to redeem my Groupon and experience the difference of Korean facial treatments.

I tried out the Jaesang Revival Treatment Facial which is a "60 min Revival Treatment - Afford visages with a quick perk-me-up with this facial. Feel the immediate boost of vitality as this treatment makes use of an intense jet infusion of oxygen and vitamin to bless skin with a natural, youthful glow."

The facial treatment comprises of - cleanse, extract + eyebrow shaping, massage, oxygen infusion followed by mask. Unlike most facial saloons, Gangnam does not use a steamer to open up facial pores. Halfway through the facial, my skin just felt so pampered & well cared for that I was already convinced that I am not going to leave this place without signing up for a package because the therapist was so skilled, you could tell from the firm and consistent strokes she applies on my face.

Throughout the whole treatment, my therapist did not sell or recommend any products. She simply left me to enjoy the facial. Too awesome!

Another point which I felt was a small detail yet shows how detail-oriented Gangnam is, was after the massage, the therapist would cleanse and then use a hot towel to wipe and dry you up. That way, you will not feel like an oily deep fried fish fillet like how I usually am after a facial because of the massage oil residues. Lastly because I visited during lunch time, I do have to return to office, you will be glad to know that Gangnam has a dressing table in the treatment room for you to blow-dry your hair and touch-up your face before leaving the saloon :)

Once the facial ended, I checked my complexion in the mirror and the effects were instant, my skin was glowing radiance! Unlike other saloons which I frequent, I typically step out of the beauty saloon looking all red and bruised because of the intense extractions. This once again affirms my decision to sign up for a package so much so that once I exited the treatment room, I jumped the gun even before the therapists could speak & asked for the package price.

For Groupon customers, you are entitled to a 50% discount off. The minimum package is $1,500 credits and so you pay $750. The facial which I done today costs $128, so going by that, $1,500 will entitle me to roughly 11 sessions :) For those who are interested, the Groupon is still ongoing, act fast! (Groupon link)

Gangnam Aesthetics is located at
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-226 Vivo City
Singapore 098585

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review of 150-Min Spa Indulgence at Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute

The Groupon auntie strikes again! Off I purchased this - Only $18 for 150-Min Spa Indulgence at Venus Skin-Aesthetic Institute, Tanjong Pagar - Includes Trifolia Facial Treatment + Refreshing Spring Dew Body Massage + Luminous Eye Treatment + $100 Spa Voucher + Eye Serum.

The therapist assigned to me was Lily and her massage technique was abit of a mix between TCM-cum-deep tissue strokes. Unlike the usual aromatherapy or Balinese massages offered at most massage joints, Lily was able to detect what was wrong with my body once she hits the various acupoints on my body. I was in awe especially when she touched my cold feet and hands, she immediately commented - 寒气,你一定吃喝很多冷的。Spot on Madam! *Hangs head down in shame* The massage definitely hurts when she presses on certain acupoints but like what Lily said - 不痛不通!

Of course, this deal being such a cheap bargain, I expected plenty of hard-selling. She proved me right. Though I was impressed by her massage techniques, I had no inclination of signing up for packages because the location was out of the way for me and the massage was not enjoyable for me at all.

The facial session which accompanied the deal was just a simple process comprising of cleanse, mild extraction, tidying up my brows (she basically just shaved off the stray strands) before ending off with a mask. Throughout the whole treatment she kept going on and repeating the package to me, I felt vulnerable because she had her hands on me and I cannot help but wonder if the facial procedures hurt more than they should be because of my rejections towards her advances lol.

I left the saloon with very unglam hair because of the massage oil and the train ride home was very uncomfortable because I was worried about bumping into people I know when I am in such a messy state.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Lost normal mail in Tampines

I've been a repeated customer with The Blush Inc. but unfortunately this time round my normal mail has been lost in delivery :( Package was sent on 25 Sep but I have not received it as of 9 Oct. Called up Singpost to try my luck but the CSO rejected me ruthlessly.

Update - Sat morning 11 Oct parcel finally arrived!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Review for SlimSpa, Slim & Detox Green Tea

After SkinnyMint, I moved onto SlimSpa which was much cheaper in terms of price. Flavour wise, I went for fruity peach, pleasant taste akin to the usual fruity bubble teas I drink. Effects wise, no visible regular bowel impacts unlike SkinnyMint. Safe to say, there is really no detox benefits to speak of for SlimSpa. Nonetheless, a nice wake-me-up boost in the mornings.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Review of lash extensions at Lolita The Beauty Studio

Yet another lash by lash extension deal which I purchased, redeemed on a weekday afternoon to avoid the weekend crowd. Service was great, staff was professional and the lash extensions were done up to my expectations.

Review of facial at HLH Sanctuary Beauty

When I last visited HLH Sanctuary Beauty for lash extensions, I made the mistake of purchasing one trial facial session from the therapist. I mean, hey if the eyelash extensions are THAT lousy, how fantastic could the facials be.

But since I already paid $68, I must not let that hard-earned money go down the drain. Reluctantly I made the appointment & I was proven right. It was a basic facial comprising of cleanse, scrub, steam, extract, massage & lastly, ending off with a mask.

The extraction was done half-heartedly & my nose (which is my key area of concern) was still polluted with blackheads after the facial *thumbs down* And to think that the therapist kept boasting of how marvellous their faical services are, damn lady, you gotta be kidding!