Friday, 29 August 2014

Review for IAremyhair (60 min Customised Hair Treatment + Wash & Blow)

For curled hair like mine, any decent saloon would charge $30-40 for wash & blow. So when I saw this Groupon deal for hair treatment + wash & blow for only $18, I jumped the gun & bought the deal. Closer towards redemption date I googled the saloon. I felt silly when I discovered that IAremyhair specializes in hair loss treatments & hair replacement techniques.

I scheduled my hair appointment right before my casual photo-shoot so I could have my curls looking picture-perfect. Entered the saloon not knowing what to expect, would the hairdresser talk on & on about hair loss treatments? Would they be doing a scalp analysis for me? To my surprise, there wasn't any sales talk whatsoever, the hairdresser proceeded to shampoo my hair before applying the treatment solution & steaming my hair. After the wash & blow, my curls are restored to their awesome looking state, all ready for my photo-shoot!

In all honesty $18 for hair treatment + wash & blow is a real good deal!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Review of cluster lash extensions at Lisa Beauty, City Plaza (no, this is not MY shop)

There is a saying in Chinese which goes "一分钱,一分货" which simply translates into - you get what you pay for.

Since the last extension done at Dreamlash, I was very much in love with eyelash extensions but the package at Dreamlash is just too pricey. Hence I googled abit to see what are some cheaper alternatives. The very primitive form of eye lash extensions would be cluster lash extensions. As it turns out there are quite a couple of beauty saloons in City Plaza which offers cluster lash extensions.

Chanced upon a Groupon for lash extensions at Secret Beauty for $20. Called to enquire & since first-time walk-in customers also enjoy the same price, I immediately made an appointment. Travelled down to Secret Beauty located at City Plaza on Thur evening to have my lashes done in time for my casual photo-shoot on Fri.

Arrived on time at 7pm only to find the 2 therapists still working on their customers' lashes. Since I didn't want to waste time waiting & there were 2 other beauty saloons which offer lash extensions just near by, I decided to try my luck at the neighbouring saloons.

The saloon, Lisa Beauty, showed me the cluster lashes they used & quoted me $30 for the extensions. Price was reasonable & I decided to go ahead with this saloon. As the therapist was tugging at my lashes trying to remove the single lash extensions done previously at Dreamlash, she was causing me quite alot of pain & I feared for my natural lashes. Cluster lashes are glued onto your eyelids hence there is certainly discomfort, bearing that thought in mind, I had to manage my expectations. The glue she used caused this burning sensation to my eyes & immediately I regretted walking into this dodgy saloon.

Finally when the glue has dried up, the therapist handed me a mirror to inspect the end product. I like what I see & the effect is exactly what I wanted - dramatic lashes. The end effect simply resembles that of false eyelashes. However the discomfort arising from the extensions being glued onto my eyelids, was causing me quite a fair bit of pain. When I got home & had a closer look at where the extensions start, I finally understand why my eyes felt so irritated - the lash extensions start from the inner corners of my eyes. So each time I blink, the extensions rub against my eyelids.

Furthermore, these extensions are thick plastic strands, unlike the soft & natural-looking ones at Dreamlash. Not only does my eyelids feel heavy, each time I shut my eyes tightly my eyelids will hurt because the lashes are glued onto the lids. So when cleansing my face & showering, I was faced with yet another inconvenience - my eyelids hurt like hell when I shut my eyes tightly.

I was greatly annoyed by the extensions & determined to get them removed ASAP after the photo-shoot on Fri. When I got home on Fri evening after the shoot, I was pretty sure my eye makeup was not removed completely since the extensions were in the way. I couldn't stop my itchy fingers from touching the extensions, to my surprise, the extensions at the inner corner of my eyes could be easily removed.

Sat afternoon I arrived at the saloon for removal, the same therapist apply this white paste-like substance onto the eyelashes. I sat around for a good 15-20mins hoping that the removal will be minimally painful. I was WRONG. The removal process hurts like a bitch, it felt as though she was trying to rip off my natural lashes. Yes, OUCH! In case you are wondering, yes my natural lashes survived the massacre & are still alive on my eyelids, phew. But evidently my natural lashes have weakened, each time I rub my eyes, a couple of lashes will fall off :(

May this awful experience serve as a helpful aid when you are considering cluster extensions!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review for SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox

You probably seen their ads on Facebook, but the problem is the girls featured are all already slim & skinny with no tummy bulge issues. So what goals are they trying to achieve with this product totally baffles me.

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a bulging tummy which I skillfully conceal underneath my clothes, so I decided to purchase the 28 Day Teatox which comprises of - 28 tea bags of Morning Boost blend to drink every morning + 14 tea bags of Night Cleanse blend to drink every alternate night, starting on the 1st night of the Teatox programme.

What this product promised - To deeply cleanse and detoxify your body and get the most out of a Teatox: boost your metabolism, reduce bloating, lose weight, burn fat and calories and get healthier with a 100% natural, effective product and guaranteed results.

I am a huge bubble tea drinker & I was delighted to find the taste of the Morning Boost tea very fruity & almost similar to bubble tea minus the calorie-laden sugar. The Night Cleanse on the other hand, tasted almost similar to Chamomile.

For the record, I am not one who moves my bowels on a daily basis, so when I started consumption of SkinnyMint Teatox, the immediate result was that I was taking a dump daily. Bravo! Also to add, the boyfriend who drank just one cup of Night Cleanse on one fine night, ended up having major diarrhoea  so I suppose this product is not suitable for all.

Regular bowel movement was the only noticeable result, while other users claimed of reduced bloating, reduced appetite etc, I had none of those! SO I guess now its affirmative that the bulge on my tummy are fats & not bloating lol ;P

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

SaSa Beauty Fair, Singapore Expo Foyer Level 2

Great bargains at SaSa expo sale! 

L'Oreal White Perfect Anti-Spot Brightening Essence originally $39.90, now $27.93. 

SkinLite Nose Pore Cleansing Strips originally 1 for 1 $6.90, now 1 for 1 at $4.90 only!

Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner originally $17.90, now only $12.53. 

SaSa Beauty Fair at Singapore Expo Foyer Level 2, now till 24 Aug 11am to 10pm :)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

This is what an allergy looks like - part 2

I spend my National Day weekend in Batam, upon returning to Singapore I was down with diarrhoea (yes, again). Since charcoal pills didn't do the trick, I found myself at the company clinic once again. The diagnosis this time round was food poisoning since there was alot of activity & gas in my stomach. The prescriptions were to treat stomach discomfort.

The doctor did not specifically state any food which I should avoid hence 4 days after, when I was feeling much better, my mum  cooked vegetables stir-fried with prawns. After consuming a couple of prawns, my eyes started burning. In a couple of minutes, my eye area swelled so severely that I couldn't open my eyes at all. The pain was horrifying & tears started falling uncontrollably. At the same time I was experiencing breathing difficulty as my nose was blocked. The severe bout of coughing which accompanied this allergic attack made me felt out of breath.

I immediately rushed off to the GP & the doctor himself was shocked to see the state I'm in ("I have never seen such severe allergic attacks before"). After taking 2 jabs, the swelling didn't subside & I still couldn't open my eyes properly. But thankfully the cough has stopped & I could breathe normally again. The doctor advised that (1) should the swelling not subside within 8-10hrs OR (2) the swelling does not improve but worsens, I have to visit the ER.

After 24hrs I was still barely recognisable as my eyes were reduced to tiny slits all thanks to the swelling. Recovery took 3-4days & upon doing some reading online, it seems like such allergic reactions will only get more severe with each attack because the body is unable to cope/deal with the toxic reactions. Hence a very lesson for me to take away is whenever I am on medication, I must steer clear of seafood.

Edit 10 Oct 2014 -

After sharing this on Facebook, I received plenty of well wishes & messages from family & friends. Thank you for your heartfelt concern everyone! Also to add, I have been a seafood lover for my entire life, never ever have I experienced any allergic reactions.

For those who are interested to read further, the swelling of the eyes which happened to me is a condition known as Angioedema.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

This is what an allergy looks like - part 1

Back in Apr, after returning from my short trip in Phuket, I was down with severe bouts of diarrhoea. Initially I thought nothing of it, my body was flushing itself inside out, no harm with some natural detox. But as the diarrhoea showed no signs of improvement, I had no choice but to drag my feet into the company doctor's clinic. Doctor's diagnosis was viral infection & he prescribed me a couple of drugs including antibiotics, paracetamol & charcoal pills.

Couple days later I was glad that my toilet visits have resumed normalcy, hence I gradually waned off the medication. One fine evening when having dinner at home, I ate prawns & 15mins later, the area around my eyes started to itch & simultaneously started swelling. Tiny bumps started appearing on my eyelids & eyebag. My nose, throat & ears started to itch. I had originally wanted to let the swelling subside by itself but the burning sensation around my eye area felt unbearable.

When it was my turn to see the GP, his diagnosis was that I might be inherently allergic to one of the drugs prescribed for diarrhoea (highest possibility of the culprit being paracetamol) & the prawns were the perfect catalyst to trigger the allergy. Fortunately for me, no permanent dis-figurations from this allergic attack.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Staycation at The Westin Singapore

The new Westin is housed in Asia Square Tower 2, though navigation was tricky due to a lack of road signs, we managed to park & find our way to the lobby which is located on level 32nd. The high ceilings felt grand & the spacious lobby was welcoming but what was seemingly lacking was the human interaction, no staff were present, no warm welcomes. We looked for the nearest empty counter & proceeded for check-in. When we approached the staff for check-in, she also did not greet nor welcome us. What a shock, considering how Westin markets itself to be a 5-star hotel.

Our deluxe room was on the 38th floor, it features "a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that frames views over the city’s modern financial district and the heritage buildings of Chinatown." (

Being a relatively new hotel, the amenities in the room were brand new & the luxurious living space was definitely a far cry from my humble HDB abode. On the topic of staycations I believe there are 2 camps, one which believes that the money can be better spent on an overseas trip while the opposing camp (which I'm in) believes that rather than rushing to catch flights for the trip, why not slow down the pace & be a tourist in our little red dot.

I guess on staycations you are partly paying for the luxuries which you can't afford in everyday life. The spacious room furnished with posh interiors, the huge bathroom & accompanying bathtub.I imagine if my house was this stunning, I would be home most of the time!

Our room reservation was accompanied by with buffet breakfast at Seasonal Tastes but the spread was nothing worth shouting about.

Lastly before check-out, we popped by the pool. A non-swimmer like myself can only pose & sit pretty for photos because it's not everyday that you get to be by an infinity pool right? Surprisingly, despite the scorching Sun, the pool water was freezing cold.