Monday, 21 September 2015

Review of natural silk lash-by-lash eyelash extension + touch-up at Lavande, Punggol Plaza

Went down on Friday evening to redeem my lash extensions and was surprised to know that it is a sister company of Dreamlash.

Started the eyelash extensions promptly but I was stunned by how much the glue stings my left eyelid, fortunately at the end of the extensions there was no visible damage to my eyelids. The extensions were very short-lived because today is merely day 3 but as you can see from the photo below, the remaining extensions are very sparse as many strands of extensions have already fallen off. I was expecting the same quality akin to Dreamlash and I was pretty disappointed.

The Groupon includes a touch-up session which I have booked my appointment on the coming Sunday, let's see if that can help lengthen the lifetime of the eyelash extensions.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review of 1-Hr Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab, The Star Vista

Recently purchased the Groupon deal for 2 sessions of Lymphatic Detox Treatment at Indulge Skin & Body Lab for $54. Arrived ahead of my 12.30pm appointment to ensure there is ample time for me to enjoy the full hour of lymphatic massage. However I was sorely disappointed when the masseuse continued talking till 12.50pm on my health analysis until I kindly informed her that I need to leave at 2pm. The other customer who also had a 12.30pm appointment (also using Groupon) was promptly whisked off to her treatment without much sales talk by the consultant.

I wasn't too happy about the time management and had voiced out to the masseuse to please take note of time and she suggested that another masseuse help out so the treatment can be completed within less than an hour. I was upset because I had arrived on time for my appointment, but thanks to the salesperson yakking away. my treatment had to be cut short.

Finally I changed out of my clothes and lied down on the massage bed. Even before the treatment started, the masseuse had already started hard-selling me some massage oil for $68 on the pretence that it was beneficial to my body. Hello??? I paid $54 for 2 sessions of treatment, why would I top-up $68 for a product that can only be utilized for a single session. And because of the time constraint, the masseuse could only work on my back.

I rejected her courteously and finally she started kneading on my sore muscles, unfortunately the happiness was short-lived as she rattled on again about topping up for some other products. I gave in and paid $38 for a moxibustion product that did not serve any purpose. When the 2nd masseuse join in, both of them just kept yakking away when all I wanted was to rest and relax in peace. Certainly most annoying.

The treatment was approximately 40mins and I did not relax at all, when I left the shop my back was still as sore, as though the lymphatic massage was not done at all. Understandably I was not too pleased and that $38 top-up clearly did not work any magic as promised. Overall I do not recommend this place, masseuse were not skilled and in fact were much more equipped at yakking away.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review of facial and lash extensions at Pheonix La Beaute, Palais Renaissance

Bought the deal for $50 and scheduled my appointment on a Sunday morning. I had enquired with the staff to find out how much time I need to set aside for both facial and lash extensions, the staff had informed me both procedures would take roughly 2hrs thereabouts.

First, the staff performed the facial which turned out to be my longest facial ever. I was lying on my back so long that my back was starting to ache. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy long facials so long as time is efficiently spent. And generally I would equate long facial = better results, I was simply stumped by how slow-motion everything was and the end results was not impressive at all. Not surprisingly, the facial took a whole 2hrs. 

The blackhead extraction was not performed thoroughly despite me instructing the therapist to not go gentle on me because I preferred to put up with the pain and torture of extraction in exchange for a clean nose.

Next was the eyelash extensions. Lash artist informed me that my natural lashes were short, sparse and unequal in lengths hence she could only manage 10mm extensions. Well, I trust the professional's judgement. 

Everything went fine but my major gripe was when she was removing the tape on my eyelids at the end of the procedure. Boy oh boy, that bloody hell hurts! It did felt like they were using industrial masking tape because I have never encountered tape that adheres so strongly onto the skin! Of course, I voiced out my discontent and the lash artist could only apologize. My eyelids were slightly bruised from the ferocious masking tape removal. That really spoilt the experience, just imagine how pissed I was! I left the saloon after 3hrs and 15mins, talk about major overrun man!

The extensions were nothing to shout about, I've had more impressive extensions done before. But going by the value I paid for the deal, it's not too bad after all. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review of eye define at Browhaus, Tampines1

Purchased the eyeliner tattoo session at $428 and went for the treatment this afternoon. I had to postpone the session to today because previously I had eyelash extensions which would reduce the effects of the numbing cream on my eyelids.

I was very worried about the pain factor because I wasn't sure how effective the numbing cream was going to be. The therapist first drew an outline of how the end results will look like before starting. Those who had seen me with my regular makeup would know that I usually line my eyelids with a thick line of eyeliner. However the therapist advised me against having such a thick line tattooed as this is semi-permanent after all. Henceforth we went ahead with a thinner, more natural look. 

She first applied the numbing cream which will take 15mins to take full effect. When she started, not only did the buzzing sound from the tattooing device send chills down my spine, I was also quite shocked to feel the tattoo device stinging my eyelids (isn't it supposed to be pain-free?). This is turning into quite a nightmare it seems. The therapist then applied a 2nd layer of numbing cream before continuing. 

The whole tattooing process was very uncomfortable to say the least, not to the extent of painful yet but just imagine how sensitive the eye area is and having ink jabbed into the skin multiple times? That is certainly not a soothing nor comfortable procedure at all.

At the end of the hour I was just super relieved that I survived without having my eyeballs pierced. Immediately after I could feel the swell in my eyelids and as the numbing cream started to wear off I could feel mild pain in the lids. 

The therapist did inform me of swelling the following day and I should use an ice pack to help relieve swelling. I also purchased the aftercare set ($160.50) to help prolong the lifetime of the eyeliner tattoo. The Build formula is said to repair and regenerate skin cells while the Fix balm is to help heal skin wounds.

Personally I would not recommend this treatment for the faint-hearted, I felt the whole experience was quite traumatizing. Undergoing such torture to save time over makeup is not a worthy trade at all! Had I known that the discomfort level was at such high intensity I would never have bought the treatment session. Nonetheless, each and every individual has his/her threshold for pain. I could undergo brazilian waxing with no sweat, facial sessions with intensive blackhead extractions also with no sweat. But this, tattooing on the eyelids is on another level altogether!

Recovery stages in another blog post soon!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Review of laser facial at Refresh Laser Clinic, Tampines Mall

Promotion as follows - Enjoy complete care at Refresh! Three minutes of Deep Laser (Gold standard FDA approved Revlite/Fotona) wash and two minutes of Intense Pulse Light Lift with pre and post treatment care by experience clinic assistant.

3 x Laser Facial at $60

Arrived promptly on a Friday evening for the first session of laser facial and after filling up the registration form, I was promptly whisked away to start the procedure. 

The clinic assistant first helped to cleanse and remove any makeup on my face before the doctor had a quick chat with me to find out my objectives from the laser treatments as it was my first session with Refresh. 

Before starting the doctor did mention that as this is my first session, he will lower the intensity accordingly.

The treatment room had about 4-5 beds and was partitioned by curtains, much unlike the individual private room I experienced at Gangnam Laser Clinic

The laser treatment was administered by doctor and right after followed by IPL administered by the clinic assistant.

The entire procedure took less than 15mins and I was able to book my 2nd appointment with much ease. The promotion I purchased requires the 3 sessions to be utilized within 7days hence the 2nd appointment was on the immediate Sunday evening. I am delighted to find that Refresh accepts appointments as late as 8.30pm on week days and even on weekends the doctor is available for laser facials.

On the 2nd appointment during the laser facial I was a little shocked when the laser facial felt more intense on my skin than before. I figured it is most likely due to the doctor upping the intensity since this was my 2nd session.

On the 3rd and final session, I chickened out and requested for a lower intensity which really felt like nothing on the skin. Needless to say when the laser operates at such lower power, there is not much effect so to speak. 

1st session by Dr David Tan
2nd session by Dr Yau
3rd session by a doctor whose name I can't remember. 

There is no consultation with the doctor nor follow-up offered and every single laser session I had a different doctor treating me. I am still deciding whether or not to take up a package because their prices are comparatively cheaper amongst all other laser clinics. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review of Fat Freezing at Only Aesthetics, 25A Lorong Mambong

Purchased a Groupon for 2 sessions of Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for $114 but owing to misinformation on Groupon's website (not again!) and wrong information given by Only Aesthetics' staff, I showed up for my appointment only to find that the Lorong Mambong outlet does not have the Exilis Laser machine.

Nonetheless, the consultant swapped Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for Fat Freezing treatment (Groupon price 3 sessions for $260). In today's single appointment alone, the Fat Freeze treatment administered was 2 sessions. Of course, no beauty appointments are complete without up-selling by the consultant. As part of their ongoing promotion, the consultant recommended CoolSculpting for $588 which promises to deliver results in a single session. Blehhh, I am here to utilize my Groupon and see results from this treatment, not spend additional bucks on other costly treatments.

I went down during lunch and the clinic appeared to be under-staffed, the consultant attending to me was overwhelmed with phone calls and faxes. There was no explanation given to me for the treatment I was having and no explanations on what to expect.

After I rejected the consultant's offer for CoolSculpting and insisted on going ahead with Fat Freeze, the consultant kindly added that Fat Freeze does not produce results in a single session, I will need at least 5-6 sessions to see results.

The consultant applied a gel on my tummy and laid out a cold wet piece of cloth on my tummy before using the Fat Freeze machine on my target area. The overall sensation was a strong suction pressure (similar to vacuum cleaner) on my belly. The 2 suction plates (1 on each side of my tummy) is equivalent to 2 sessions of Fat Freeze.

After 45mins I was done and of course, there was no visible results (abuthen!). Oh well, at least I tried.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Review of body massage and premium facial at Beyond Beauty, Tampines

$42 Groupon comprised of -
60-min full body massage (choose 1):
 - Fusion massage
 - Ginger massage
 - Red wine massage
 - Swedish massage

60-min premium facial (choose 1):
 - Micro dermabrasion facial
 - Vita Glow facial
 - Bi Polar facial

15-min bird’s nest eye mask application
15-min royal steam bath or hot blanket treatment

I redeemed my Groupon yesterday, the massage and facial were most basic and nothing to shout about but what was abhorrent was when I checked back to the Groupon deal site only to realise that I've been short-changed! The consultant and beautician did not redeem the 15-min bird’s nest eye mask application and 15-min royal steam bath or hot blanket treatment for me.

As a customer I felt short-changed because I did not get to enjoy what I paid for. This is certainly not acceptable behaviour of a reputable beauty saloon and I have reached out to Groupon, let's see what they have to say.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review of PulsedLight Skin Facial at CSK Aesthetics, Tampines Telepark

Upon receiving CSK clinics' pamphlet in my mailbox, I made an appointment with the intention of trying out their laser facial at a promotional price of 4 sessions at $68. But when I arrived the branch manager told me that the doctor on duty has left for the day (??? I did make an appointment to see the doctor for laser facial, didn't I!).

Anyway, my intention for going down to the clinic is to treat my skin concerns (namely, dull skin), not pick an argument hence after my consultation with branch manager Kerlyn, she recommended PulsedLight Skin Facial.

Mention IPL and one would commonly associate it with hair removal treatments. True enough, INTENSE PULSED-LIGHT (IPL) HAIR REMOVAL is an advanced and semi-permanent hair reduction method. Beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root. New hair growth is delayed and a percentage of hair may not re-grow. (Source:

Another application of IPL, which is gaining large popularity in recent years, is actually in facials towards treating skin conditions.

PulsedLight Skin Facial CSK® Clinical IPL makes use of pulses of light to reverse the skin's photo aging process, pigmentation and vascular lesions. It is a comfortable, virtually painless and quick procedure. Our clinical IPL systems incorporates the latest advances in cosmetic IPL - more powerful and yet much less painful. This is due to the “cold touch” technology and combination with thermal RF for better penetration deep into the skin layers. (Source:

The clinic was running promotions and 13 sessions of said treatment will cost $1,638 before GST. I was not going to put my money down on something new which I have never tried before. Per session ala carte price was $204 before GST. However since I had already made a trip down, I was prepared to shell out $180 for this session which Kerlyn eventually managed to work it out and offered me the treatment at $180.

I must mention that there were a few small acne bumps on my face, just pure bad skin day (plus a late period) because I do not have acne problems so to speak. To which Kerlyn and also the beautician noted and mentioned the IPL facial will help alleviate the acne.

After settling payment, I was brought to the treatment room, the beautician first removes my makeup and double cleanses my face. After which a cooling gel was applied onto the skin before the machine was applied onto. With goggles to protect the eyes, all you could feel were bright pulses of light being applied onto the face in a systematic manner. There was only slight discomfort (definitely more tolerable than laser facial) around the lip and mouth area as the skin was thinner in those regions. After completing the IPL application, a mask was applied to cool down the skin surface. Do note that this a not a full facial so to speak, no extraction, facial & neck massage included.

Immediately after the treatment I did not see visible results, the acne bumps were still there. Hence I left the clinic without signing up for a package.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Review of lash extensions by freelance lash artist Julia

My lash craze has continued much to the dismay of my wallet and after hunting down a few saloons to find out about their package prices, below are some of my findings (in order of priority based on my experience with them) -
1. Dreamlash (I called the saloon 11times before someone answered my call, really casted doubt over how easy it would be to secure an appointment with them if I had purchased a package)
Each session comprising of full set extensions + removal
5 sessions - $688
8 sessions - $988

2. Lolita's Lash
Buy 4 touch-up sessions and get 1 touchup free - $396

3. HighBrow (I asked if it was possible to swap the removal sessions into touchups, the kind staff responded with an explanation of how important it is to have proper removal to ensure no glue residue is left behind on the eyelids, now I know!)
Each session comprises of full set extensions + touchup + removal
7 sessions - $660

If you had seen me without eyeliner on, you would know I look perpetually exhausted because of my tiny Asian-slit eyes and literally non-existent natural eyelashes.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a presentable face.

Imagine having semi-permanent fake eyelashes without the hassle of pasting the falsies, without the discomfort of the fake lash weighing down on your eyelids.

These are just some of the benefits semi-permanent lash extensions offer.

In short, the lash extensions really make me look less shitty when I get up in the morning so much so that I can come to office without eyeliner. Which explains my undying love for eyelash extensions. Based on my experiences with both the good and bad, here are 2 factors which I believe determines the level of comfort in the user as well as the lifetime of the extensions -

1. Adherence of the lash extensions - the uncomfortable lash extensions are pasted onto the root/tip of your natural lashes, hence when you blink or close your eyes tightly, the glue residues "bite" into your eyelids causing great discomfort. When the extensions fall off, there is also a high likelihood of your natural lashes falling off together.

On the other hand, the comfortable extensions are pasted mid-length onto your natural lashes. this way you do not feel the extensions at all.

2. Quality of the lash glue and skill of the lash technician - a skilled technician would know the right amount of glue to use to ensure that the extensions adhere well because excessive glue would cause a burning sensation - which was what happened at The Best Beauty - when you open your eyes after the lashes are completed.

No matter how strong the glue is or how skilled the technician is, much depends on how well the user maintains the extensions. Some of the common activities to avoid include -
1. Oil-based makeup removers and mascaras (in fact, with the extensions done you would not require much eye make-up, hence a gentle cleanser should suffice)
2. Swimming
3. Rubbing of the eye area (this is self-explanatory because it causes the extensions to fall off)

In fact when I shower, I try hard not to get water from the shower head directly onto my face otherwise I would have to dry my eyes using my palms, this is deadly for the extensions!

Back to the recent lash extension I did, after searching high and low for reputable saloons offering lash-by-lash extensions, I was thrilled to chance upon Julia's advertisement for home-based eyelash extensions services! Prices were really competitive, what more, she travels to your place at no extra transport charge, Imagine my surprise when the petite lady who showed up at my doorstep is a Korean lady! Upon taking her suggestion I went for the $75 extensions and because my natural lashes are very short and sparse, Julia had quite a hard time fixing the extensions. The whole session took approximately an hour, thanks to her patience, dexterous fingers and fantastic skills, I was very pleased with the end result of the extensions!

As at today, the extensions are already 2 weeks old and I am very happy to say that they are still very much intact and I really recommend Julia's services :) No doubt for first-timers, Groupon deals will be alot cheaper but going long term, as seen from package prices of the various saloons listed above, $75 per session is definitely more affordable :)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Bangkok trip itinerary

Air tickets : S$202.50 per pax return tickets via JetStar
Departs from Singapore on 4 Apr Sat morning 7.15am, lands in Bangkok 8.45am (local time)
Departs from Bangkok on 7 Apr Tue afternoon 3.15pm, lands in Singapore 6.40pm (local time) 

Accommodation : Glow Pratunam
Booked via Agoda, 4D3N Deluxe room only twin sharing. After Citibank discount, total price was S$277.86. Per pax S$138.93.
 Review : (1) Location - Right smack in the heart of shopping district Pratunam, very convenient for all those who wish to shop at Platinum (opposite the hotel, about 5mins walk) and get back to the hotel by foot. The famous wanton noodles was right behind the hotel. In the morning, the hotel's vicinity is bustling with street stalls selling clothes. Everything you need is well within walking distance. Be it, fast food, authentic Thai food, bar for live soccer matches and even supermarket.

(2) Room - Clean, bright and roomy. Definitely up to expectation and very good value.

Here is a brief itinerary of how our Bangkok trip -
Day 1 Sat. Hopped on taxi from airport but traffic was really bad, what was supposed to be a 30 - 40mins ride to the hotel took as long as an hour. Taxi fare was THB320 excluding highway toll. We arrived at the hotel and was very pleased with the aesthetics of the reception and check-in area.

After dropping-off luggage, we travelled to Chatuchak weekend market by BTS. We decided to travel like locals instead of taking a taxi because traffic was really congested. The nearest BTS station from the hotel is Ratchathewi, by foot it takes approximately 10 - 15mins. Alight at Mo Chit and walk to Chatuchak in approximately 5mins. 1way ticket from Ratchathewi to Mo Chit per pax THB31. It is helpful to keep your spare coins for purchasing BTS tickets, because the machines do not accept cash notes. And the queue to exchange coins can be very long on weekends.

We spent our morning and half the afternoon at Chatuchak (also had our inexpensive lunch in the weekend market, approximately THB3-400 for 2 mains and a tom yum soup) before our legs gave way. And it didn't help that the weather was scorching hot. We travelled back to hotel again via BTS. 1way ticket from Mo Chit to Ratchathewi per pax THB37.

Just some background on Glow Pratunam, the hotel starts from Level 7. Levels 1 - 5 are retail space and level 6 is a food court. Siam Seafood has a permanent shop front here. The shops in the shopping mall close at around 6pm. Siam Seafood sets up a roadside stall right outside the hotel building on weekend nights. Dinner was at Siam Seafood because we were too exhausted to walk further. We had a soup, a rice, a bbq fish totalling around THB800.

Later in the evening, we headed out by foot to Amari Watergate Bangkok hotel to catch the live broadcast of the BPL match. Drinks at the bar was very reasonably priced. We had 1 virgin mojito, 1 mojito and a can of Chang beer for approximately THB540.

Day 2 Sun. Visited the famous wanton noodles store bright and early but was disappointed to find out that they are closed on Sundays. Explored and walked further down the street, we found ourselves at a eatery with local customers. I had a fishball kway tiao for THB50. 

Spend the rest of the day at Chatuchak weekend market again. At late afternoon we returned to the hotel to leave our shopping bags before heading out to Rod Fai 2 night market located behind Esplanade Mall (when communicating with the taxi driver, it would be helpful to tell him to head to Esplanade mall to prevent confusion). We made a mistake of not bargaining with the cab driver and hence paid a hefty THB200 for the short taxi ride. Later on our ride back by a taxi on meter, the fare only worked out to THB100.

Rod Fai 2 is a new night market, the original Rod Fai night market is located on the outskirts of the city and would take 50mins by cab. Hence we opted for the nearer option. After we finished shopping at Rod Fai 2 night market, the night was still young hence we travelled to Big C Supermarket which was within walking distance from our hotel. We got back to the hotel to pack and it was evident that we did not have sufficient luggage space >_< since we purchased 20kg of check-in baggage, we might as well buy a bag or luggage or just something to contain our belongings and maximise the 20kg baggage allowance!

Day 3 Mon. Made our way to the wanton noodles store again at 9.15am but shocked to see a long queue forming in front of the shop this early in the day. We joined the queue and fortunately we did not wait for long before we were ushered into the restaurant to be seated.

Spend the rest of the day at Platinum mall shopping. In the late afternoon we returned to the hotel to drop off our shopping bags before walking to the night market at Siam Square. Important to note that we received conflicting information regarding the operating business days of the Siam night market. We were distracted by the mini night market in front of Central World hence we did not get to Siam night market in the end.

Day 4 Tue. No activities for the day we had to get to the airport to catch our flight home :) cab fare from hotel to airport THB400 inclusive of toll.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cessation of Sky Fitness operations

Purchased a 60min massage at Sky Fitness from only to realise that Sky Fitness at Harbourfront closed it's doors for business and operations from 20 March 2015. The landlord, Mapletree, has decided to repossess the facility from this date due to rental owed.

Upon ringing up the Sky Fitness contact number from the deal voucher, nobody picked up the phone. I was horrified and frustrated at why would partner and sell deals for a merchant that has gone out of business. I am still waiting for to refund me the money and it baffles me as to why still continues to run the deal for Sky Fitness even as at today! This is very irresponsible as I believe customers would not be able to redeem their vouchers.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Phuket trip itinerary

Air tickets : S$159 per pax return tickets via JetStar
Departs from Singapore on 27 Mar Fri morning 8.25am, lands in Phuket 9.20am (local time)
Departs from Phuket on 29 Mar Sun afternoon 12.40pm, lands in Singapore 3.35pm (local time)

Accommodation : The Senses Resort Patong Beach
Booked via Agoda, Deluxe sea view with breakfast, twin sharing. After Ciitibank discount, total price was S$295. Per pax S$147.50

Review : (1) Location - Not exactly right smack in the heart of bustling Patong but Jungceylon was well within walking distance. The road leading to Jungceylon was well lined with shops, for the 2 of us female travellers, we felt that the walk was safe and there was certainly no fear of dangers lurking in dark alleys. The resort is no where near the beach and our room only had a distant view of the beach.

(2) Room - Clean, bright and spacious. For the price paid, it was certainly good value. Do note that the resort does not provide toothbrush and toothpaste.The period when we visited was really hot and since the resort only provides one key card per room, whenever we left the room and plucked the key card out, the air-conditioning will stop. So each time we returned to the room, it was warm and stuffy.

(3) Breakfast spread was very limited. Fortunately we only stayed there for 3 days as 2 days of breakfast eating the same spread was getting really boring.

Airport transfer :
THB1,500 for 2-way transfer from airport to resort and resort to airport via sedan
THB1,000 for 2-way transfer from resort to weekend night market and back to resort

Massage : Sovrana Spa, located right opposite Jungceylon
THB1,000 for 2 hr session comprising of body scrub, aromatheraphy massage, foot massage and complimentary herbal tea.

Seafood dinner with sea view : Laimai Courtyard Restaurant
THB2,050 for
4 fresh oysters
Baked mussels
2 jumbo prawns (fresh, price by weight)
2 non-alcoholic beverages

Here is briefly how our Phuket trip went -

Day 1. Arrive at resort, drop-off luggage and went for massage.
Grocery shopping at Big C
Lunch before heading back to resort for a rest.
Dinner and explored Jungceylon/Patong area

Day 2. Breakfast followed by a short rest before lazing by the pool.
Private taxi picked us up at 4pm to head to weekend market.
Shopping and dinner at weekend market
Private taxi fetched us at 9pm to head back to resort

Day 3. Breakfast and packing before airport transfer picked us up at 10am.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Review of bikini line IPL at BioSkin, Tampines

Groupon deal - For $88, you get 12 Bikini IPL Hair Removal Sessions (worth $3852).

Q : Did 12 sessions produce a permanent result?
A : No. After 12 sessions I still have very normal hair growth on the targeted area.

 Q : How was the overall experience at BioSkin?
A : Mediocre.

Inconsistencies with difference therapists - each time I visit, there is bound to be a different therapist attending to me. Though a therapist have mentioned before that each and every personnel is well-trained in the various services BioSkin offers. I did not experience that at all because for the 12 treatment sessions, every therapist administered (1) varying number of shots and (2) not hitting the same exact bikini line targeted area I signed up for. I did feel short-changed for that. Even when it came down to instructions for undressing, there was one treatment session where the therapist requested I removed my top (I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt) too just so that hair will not get onto my clothes. I was simply bewildered.

No hard-selling - this came across as a pleasant surprise because after the nasty experience at Jean Yip the last time round, I had a deep-seeded belief that these big enterprises will want to cross-sell customers different services available at their saloon. However at BioSkin, you can feel rest assured that you will walk in for your treatment and not have to listen to any hard-selling by their therapist. 

Ease of booking appointments - as I stay near the beauty salon, I usually picked weekend appointments as early as 9am in the morning so that I could continue the rest of my day with no disruptions. I usually book the next month's appointment on that month's appointment day. A couple of times I did have to reschedule and it was really a pain because the salon is almost always fully booked.

IPL experience - it is painful but tolerable, according to my underarm therapist at another salon, this could be due to BioSkin employing an older generation IPL machine which produces a distinct "piak" sound each time a pulse is administered. Furthermore, at body parts where there is so much nerve endings, sensations are naturally heightened.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Deal gone sour?

I purchased a 3 session massage from to redeem at Narcissus Javanese Massage & Hairdressing.

I was able to redeem the first session smoothly, albeit the masseuse miunderstanding my instructions - I had requested for the 1hr session to be shortened to 45mins but she misunderstood as I wanted the session shortened to just 30mins. Narcissus is not exactly your posh spa place and the treatment "rooms" are actually partitioned by curtains. I didn't felt secure when removing my clothes before the massage. There were also no proper cupboards or locker for you to store your belongings.

Nonetheless the masseuse is good at kneading my sore shoulder and back with her firm strokes.

Made an appointment for the 2nd session on 13Feb but to my horror the merchant contacted me on 12Feb stating that they are not able to honour my voucher because Deal have not paid up for 2months already.

Rang up Deal and after plenty of time spent waiting on the line, a curt and unsympathetic customer service officer picked up my call. When I questioned her what happened, she shot back a reply saying that I am the 1st customer to voice out such a complaint. Out of concern that they are going bankrupt or winding up soon, I asked the officer if their company is facing any financial issues, to which she says she has to check with the relevant departments and cannot offer me a direct answer (oh wow, what a cover up?). Before I could even get her name, she hurriedly ended the call.

Meantime I had also dropped an email to Deal demanding to know what exactly happened -

I purchased the attached deal and made an appointment on 13Feb unfortunately the merchant tells me that did not pay up in the past 2 months hence they not allow me to redeem my massages. Please advise and refund at your earliest convenience.

Following the call the officer dropped me an email -

Hi Good afternoon to you.

We are in the process of checking your enquiry with the relevant department as well as the merchant. Kindly do provide us some time for us to provide you with the solution. Once we have received the solution, we will be contacting you at the soonest. We hope to have your kind understanding on this issue. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (65) 6299 3011.

Thank You.

Sincerely, Nurul
Customer Relations Executive
Ensogo Group

I also left a comment on the Deal's Facebook page demanding to know why, originally a representative had replied me but subsequently Deal deleted my comment entirely! Sneaky eh.

Thankfully did not take long to settle my dispute, on 16Feb they reverted

Dear Ms Lisa

Good day to you. Thank you for your email.

We will proceed with a refund for you for the remaining 2 sessions. The amount of $41.33 will be refunded back to you in approximately 14 - 21 working days, back to the same credit/debit card that was used to purchase the voucher. Thank you very much and have a nice day ahead. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (65) 6299 3011.

Thank You.

Sincerely, Nurul
Customer Relations Executive
Ensogo Group

As at today 6Mar, I am still waiting for my credit card statement, fingers crossed!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Review of Just10 Group, Queensway Shopping Centre

I paid $18 for this deal -
Just10 Group Multi-location: L'Oreal Brand New 8-Step Detox Hair & Scalp Purifying Treatment Voucher value: S$280.00

Went down during lunch time today hoping to get a good wash and blow-dry. Walked in with permed curly hair (as you would know), the hairdresser was trying to get me to top-up for add-ons and/or packages which I kindly refused.

At the end of the treatment I walked out of the salon with STRAIGHT HAIR because of a bad "blowjob". I suppose the hairdresser was upset that I did not purchase any add-ons and/or packages hence she decided that she will blow-dry my permed hair to its straight original form BOO-HOO :(

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review of lash extensions at The Best Beauty, Century Square

** Updated 17 Feb
Bought the deal for 2 Pax Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension & Perm from JuzToday and intended to redeem it together with my BFF. When calling to book appointments, the staff insisted that they do not run lash extension deals for 2 Pax. And secondly, though the deal stated no surcharge for redemption during CNY period, the staff told me over the phone that there is a $10 surcharge. I went ahead to make an appointment for redemption on 14Feb for myself (1pax).

At the same time, I contacted JuzToday regarding a mis-representation in the deal

Email -
"I bought the 2 pax option for this deal "Only $18 for KOREAN POPSTAR Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension + 3D Eyelash Perm @ 7 Locations Islandwide" !!

Under the T&Cs it was stated that this deal was "Valid on eve of PH & PH!" but when I called up to fix an appointment for me and my girlfriend, the merchant tells me $10 surcharge is applicable per pax. Can you explain to me why does your website leave out this crucial piece of information?"

JuzToday replied -
"We checked and confirmed that the merchant did not inform about the surcharge to us previously. It might be due to the coming CNY festive season.

Nevertheless, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Would you be able to consume the coupons? Thanks."

Come 14Feb, I went down punctually to redeem the deal. Upon reaching the shop I flashed the voucher to the shop assistant showing proof that the T&C clearly states 2pax and I paid $32 for the 2pax voucher. Honestly, how else can you interpret "2 Pax Barbie Doll Eyelash Extension & Perm"?

To my horror, the lady replied me out loud, attempting to humiliate me in the shop by saying that for this price, there is no way you could have purchased a deal for 2pax. She interpreted the deal as 1Pax to enjoy the lash extensions and the 2nd pax to enjoy the lash perming. Not lash + perm for 2 customers. I honestly found this reasoning to be bullshit. Nonetheless, I do not wish to argue further, just wanted to finish the extensions and get the hell out of this shady shop.

Before starting the lash extensions, the shop assistant kept harping on eyelash perming. Well, according to her flawed interpretation, I could redeem both lash + perm on myself. I thought since it was already included in my deal why not just do it. To my horror yet again, the lady tried to up-sell me $120 top-up for perming, claiming that their shop uses premium perm solution that will produce very long-lasting perm effects. Do you really think I am a 3 year old?

Grudgingly, we finally begun the lash extensions. While working on my lashes, once again the hard-selling tactics surface. She claims that since I am not doing lash perming, she offered to do a thicker layer of extensions and requested that I top up $30 for another layer of lash-by-lash extensions on top of the cluster extensions that my deal covered. This according to her, will ensure that the extensions last longer. I clarified with her to ensure that there will be no discomfort because I fear that a thick layer of extensions will be too heavy for my tiny eyes. She confirmed that I will not feel a thing (the extensions).

Well, with my eyes at her mercy, I agreed. I suppose she loaded my eyelids with tonnes of glue because my eyeballs felt like they were burning. When the therapist was done with the extensions and asked for me to open my eyes, my eyes were red and tearing furiously. Speaks alot about her skills. Or rather, the lack-thereof.

When she finally completed the extensions, I was stupefied to see that the effects. It was exactly the same as the uncomfortable and torturous extensions done at City Plaza which only costs me $30! But I had actually paid $32 (voucher) + $30=$62 for this?! As if she has not extorted enough from me, she went on to offer me $388 packages and also kindly informed that removal of lashes would cost another $30! I was already boiling mad and wanted to get the hell out of the salon before I exploded from anger.

The extensions were glued onto the eyelids so my eyes just felt burdened and heavy, most uncomfortable so to speak. In the shower when I shut my eyes to prevent water from getting it, my eyelids felt painful because of the extension "pinching" on my skin.

During the night in my sleep, I felt the lashes poking my eyelids, to my utter horror, the extensions all fell OFF. Yes, within less than 24hrs! Oh the irony of her telling me that the extensions done at their salon is of good quality and will last for a good long time. In case you are wondering, I did not return to make a scene or request for them to rectify the job proper because I was pretty sure that if I had gone back I would have created a din and end up on Stomp. And judging by how the business conducts itself, they will definitely give me a piece of their mind, in the loudest manner possible.

May this nightmare serve as a reminder for all before deciding to purchase any deals associated with The Best Beauty.

Update - after reaching out to JuzToday, they have kindly offered to refund my purchase back in the form of store credits :)

Photo taken right after extensions were done

Less than 24hrs after extensions were done
Extensions all fell off by themselves!

What remains

Snapshot of deal from

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Review of facial at SkinLab The Medical Spa, Wheelock Place

$28 Groupon deal includes 90 min Clinical Vita C Infusion Facial + Mask with Eye Treatment + 15 min Lactic Peel. Arrived on time for my appointment on a Sunday morning. Upon consultation, I made known that my key concern was blackheads. The consultant advised that I should top up for a medical peel (which was previously known as chemical peel, using salicylic acid) because the Lactic Peel included in my Groupon was much milder. The salicylic acid would allow the blackheads to be extracted easily subsequently.

With the promise of less painful extraction, I went ahead and topped up $38 for the peel. Mind you, this top up already costs more than the Groupon deal itself. I guess for me, I like to try and experience new treatments which will treat my blackheads and in particular, any treatments which will pave the way for less painful extractions is a must-try for me, provided it is within my affordability.

I had high expectations for the facial, SkinLab promoted themselves as a medical spa hence I had the impression that the products used in the facial must be of higher grade than your usual beauty salons. Unfortunately, the facial did not meet my expectations. During the exit interview, I had voiced out my disappointment.

Firstly, the salicylic acid peel served no purpose because the facial extractions still hurt (like a b!tch) to the same extent as my usual facials. In fact the blackheads extraction was not performed thoroughly. I was taken aback when the consultant explained that her beautician did not perform a full extraction as I was using a Groupon deal. I suppose a suitable analogy would be - imagine you went to a restaurant which serves you half-cooked food and the restaurant manager then explains to you "Oh we are serving you sub-standard food because you are a Groupon customer." *Slow clap* Another tiny gripe I had was, the beautician did not even trim my eyebrows. I was clearly not impressed.

The consultant went on to offer 2 subsequent facials at $268 and she promised that this time round the beautician will (1) perform the full suite of services (extraction in particular) and (2) leave the chemical peel on the nose for a longer period of time for the blackheads to be better exfoliated.

I felt this was illogical, the whole point of working with Groupon is to promote your brand to new customers like myself, and if your services and treatments were in fact that fantastic (like how it was with Gangnam), customers would be able to tell and see the results from this one trial session. Why would customers purchase any more of your services if the trial session produced no results? Needless to say based on my personal experience with SkinLab, my overall review is a thumbs down.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Skin condition - Steatocystoma multiplex

Few years ago, small bumps started appearing on my chest area. Physical appearance wise the bumps resembled acne and blocked hair follicles.

I showed the bumps to my beautician who proceeded with extraction on the largest visible bump, (a decision I lived to regret because the extraction was not done thoroughly hence leaving behind an unsightly scar of about a bubble tea mini-pearl size), expression of the bump contents produced pus substances similar to those from acne. When the wound didn't heal like how a normal pimple would, I was left with a sizeable reddish spot.

After some research on a suitable skin clinic, I found myself at Nxxx Mxxxx Clinic, hoping to treat the spot and at the same time find out what condition this is so I can stop the bumps from multiplying. The doctor mis-diagnosed the condition as Folliculitis and prescribed me a day cream, a night cream and an antibiotic for the red extracted spot. As with any private skin clinics, I expected a hefty bill but fortunately the expenses at Nxxx Mxxxx came up to less than $200.

The red extracted spot did not recover but instead left it's mark on my body as a permanent scar. Needless to say, the creams and antibiotics prescribed did not deliver any results.

Last year, I felt the urge again to treat the condition which was why I ended up at Dr. Cxxxx's Medical Aesthetics Clinic. This proved to be a futile trip because Dr Cxxxx also mis-diagnosed the condition as Folliculitis, again I was given the prescription of a day cream, a night cream and a mask to apply 2-3x weekly. But this being an aesthetics clinic, Dr Cxxxx offered laser treatment for scar removal, but spending $800 - $1,000 for a scar the size of a bubble tea mini-pearl just felt like unnecessary spending because after all, the area is normally covered by clothes.

The bill came up to around $300-500, which burnt a larger hole in my pocket. I expected results with the prescriptions, yet, despite diligent applications, there were NO improvements whatsoever. Imagine my disappointment and frustration, this was again money thrown down the drain.

Few weeks ago I noticed the bumps have multiplied somewhat considerably hence causing some panic for myself. I went to the company clinic Fullerton Healthcare @ Gethin-Jones to get a referral to the National Skin Centre (NSC). Dr Wong at Gethin-Jones saw me. The night before I took a photo of my condition which I showed to the doctor but he wanted to take a look for himself.

I was not prepared for what's to come. After seeing with his own eyes, he actually claims that the bumps are not visible (and the actual condition was nothing like the photo I showed him, sorry but is he implying that I am trying to fool him?!). Dr Wong also added that my condition couldn't be Folliculitis because the bumps should not just disappear overnight. For the record, the bumps are there! That was when I started doubting his credentials as a GP or he could just be visually impaired. He didn't advised further action on such conditions because he believed that since these are not life threatening and do not cause any discomfort or inconvenience in my daily routine, I should not seek further action or treatment.

Not surprisingly, Dr Wong mis-diagnosed my condition as Keratosis *slow clap* and reluctantly penned a referral to NSC. I was particularly peeved with this particular doctor because he was absolutely apathetic to my condition, not forgetting his visual impairment when examining my condition. Society places high regard and respect for doctors because of the work they do, the knowledge they possess and the social good they are capable of. This Dr Wong however, unfortunately, absolutely disgusts me.

At the same time, I decided to pursue a perhaps more expensive channel by dropping an email with a picture of my condition to Dr Joyce Lim Skin & Laser Clinic. Hoping that someone somewhere can offer me the insight of the exact condition I am suffering from.

To my surprise, Dr Lim replied -

"these looks like steatocystoma multiplex
you need to remove surgically
no creams (to help stop the growth)"

21 Jan I went for the appointment at NSC and saw Dr Chua Sze Hon, this time round, finally the good doctor gave the right diagnosis of Steatocystoma Multiplex (exactly like what Dr Lim has diagnosed). There is unfortunately no topical creams to stop the growth. The invasive approach to removing existing growth is via extraction (inserting a needle to draw out the pus) or surgical removal. However the size of the cysts on me are too small to warrant such aggressive approaches. Furthermore, surgical removal not only produces a even larger and unsightly scar, it also does not help to stop or prevent future growth.

I had barely warmed up the seat and Dr Chua had already sent me out the door because there are no treatment options available. I left NSC feeling utterly disappointed because I could not believe that in this day and age, medical technology has no solution available. Consultation fees was $106.

Based on Dr Lim's last response, I queried whether she treats Steatocystoma Multiplex at her clinic and what are the fees expected. Another surprise from Dr Lim again -


i need to see exactly what it is first before deciding whether a procedure or laser is needed

con fees $130
preocedure from $150

laser from $350"

The first question that popped up was why Dr Chua at the NSC did not offer me this option? Was it because it is a government hospital? While I am elated to hear from Dr Lim, I also have to manage my own expectations after the 2 failed attempts at Nxxx Mxxxx Clinic and Dr. Cxxxx's Medical Aesthetics Clinic. I am still sitting on the fence whether to see Dr Lim or just live with it, because truth is the bumps are here to stay and is it really worth spending thousands of dollars just to fix an area which is usually covered by clothes? I am still considering...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review of lash extensions at HighBrow (part 1)

Bought the Groupon deal at $42 for Full Eyelash Extensions + Touch Up. Arrived punctually for my appointment and I was promptly whisked off to start my lash extensions. Therapist kindly informs that I have to pay $3 for the eye masks which is necessary for them to proceed with the lash extensions.

Extensions done up nicely, in my opinion, thicker and longer than my prior extensions done at Dreamlash and Lolita The Beauty Studio. I was very impressed at how much more awake and alert I look with the lash extensions, not to mention my "zhng-ed" eyes definitely appeared more lively than it naturally is.

Before leaving, therapist reminded me of the steps to take care and prolong the lifetime of the extensions, most importantly being to avoid oil-based make-up removers. My usual remover from Biore is oil-based, later on that evening I purchased a water-based cleanser from Sephora, hoping that my efforts at taking care of the lashes will help to maintain it at its optimal condition.

Dipped cotton buds into the water-based cleanser and painstakingly started removing the eyeliner I had on like how the therapist had instructed. Even when showering, I avoided pointing the shower-head at my face. Unfortunately, right after showering I noticed the extensions on my right eye has fallen off significantly, such that there was a noticeable "hole" along my lash line.

The following day, I contacted HighBrow because I was bewildered at how the extensions could have detached themselves so quickly in less than 24hrs from my lash extension treatment, without hesitation they offered me a free touch-up as part of sales recovery (impressive service!). I was genuinely taken aback and very delighted. The touch-up restored my extensions back to its glorious form.

Unfortunately, my happiness did not last long as the extensions started falling off within days, at one week old my extensions already appear sparse and in dire need of a touch-up. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the touch-up session on 21 Jan!

Photo taken fresh after the extensions were done (7 Jan)

After shower. Look at where the red arrow is pointing (7 Jan)

After touch-up (8 Jan)

Extensions at 1 week old