Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review for Eye Lash Extension at Dreamlash

Groupon deal - For $42, you get a 60 min Korean Premium Silk Lash-by-Lash Eye Lash Extension + Additional Touch Up for One Pax (worth $168).

Made an appointment to redeem the Groupon & the therapist explained the 2 different types of extensions available, (1) Premium lashes & (2) Diamond silk lashes (which feels more comfortable when glued onto your real lashes & appears more natural but of course, costs more). The Groupon I bought, entitles me to the Premium lashes. Naturally the therapist went on to promote the Diamond lashes because currently they have an in-store promotion, for $68 customers can enjoy the Diamond silk lash extension + a free removal.

For the Groupon I purchased, I have to top up an additional $28 for removing the extensions, which brings the price of the whole lash extension to $70 ($42 + $28). Of course I didn't opt for the diamond lashes because I already paid $42 for the Groupon, if I were to top up for the Diamond lashes, this would mean the money spent on the Groupon was as good as throwing cash down the drain.

Subsequently I went onto Dreamlash's website & found that the Diamond silk lashes trial costs $68 & includes free eyebrow trimming + removal of lash. If I had gone on to purchase following what the therapist's advice, I would have spent $42 + $68 = $110. Not very honest selling eh? Groupon could have been clearer by adding on that customer would need to top up $28 for removal, I had originally believed that no removal was necessary as the extensions would eventually fall off by themselves.

It was my first time doing lash extensions & I was very glad that the extensions felt comfortable & not the least bit heavy or prickly on my eyelids. Myself being a heavy eyeliner user, have to rub my eye area daily when removing makeup, safe to say the lashes are still intact after 1-2 weeks. From below pictures it is obvious how the lash extensions made me look refreshed (Very zhng-ed) even without my usual eyeliner.

Oh for those who are curious, I didn't go back for lash removal, I figured the bonding glue will fade eventually & the extensions should fall off by themselves.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Review for Couple Spa Session at Spa Symphony, 313@Somerset

As part of the welcome pack for my successful application of a Citibank Rewards Card, there was a voucher for $80 nett couple jacuzzi & massage at Spa Symphony in 313@Somerset. Together with my girlfriend, we went for the pampering session on a lovely Sat morning. We were allocated 40mins for the jacuzzi (30mins in tub + 10mins shower) before the 60mins full body massage.

My only gripe would be the long waiting time, possibly because the staff had to prepare the jacuzzi as we were the first customers for the day. When we were brought to the jacuzzi room, we were delighted at the bubbly private tub and soothing room settings. Without doubt, my girlfriend & I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing soak & we agreed that moving forth we should schedule such pampering sessions for ourselves on a more regular basis :)

Not quite sure what stroke or technique the masseuse were using but the massage hurts! But the pain was worth it, immediately after the massage my girlfriend could the tension eased in her shoulders. $80 for this session was a real steal. After we got dressed, the sales consultant spoke with us & offered the exact same session at $138 before GST which seems like a really good deal to me. I ended up purchasing one additional session.

Coincidentally, Citibank was having an ongoing promotion, for every $150 spent, shoppers will receive a $20 voucher! As you would have imagined, I left the spa place smiling widely :)