Sunday, 19 January 2014


If I were to look back at the life-changing events in my life, getting to know how to use the almighty tampon is definitely in the top 10 list.

In my > 10 years of wearing sanitary pads, I will tell you it is goddamn uncomfortable. And as if having my uterus bleed itself out over a span of 5-7 days is not horrifying enough, I still have to put up with the sight of a bloody pad (both literally & figuratively) each time I visit the toilet! And to add greater distress, when I jog during my period, having my female parts constantly rubbing against the dry & rough surface of the pad is again, VERY uncomfortable.

So one fine day, I decided to try a tampon in place of a pad, I bought a box of digital tampons (These tampons do not have an applicator. To insert the tampon, you push the tampon into the vagina with your fingers - hence the term, digital) from Watsons & begun experimenting to find out how exactly to fit this tiny bullet into my female parts.

Basically you just stick it into your female parts. Seems easy but right after I exit the ladies & sat down, all I felt was discomfort because the tampon was poking me somewhere. I don't know where but it definitely did not felt right. Hence after some reading, I figured I must have mispositioned the tampon. Hence I removed it & inserted another one, this time pushing it deeper into my vagina. Voila! Now it works. The satisfaction was mind-blowing. Imagine no longer having to sit on your own pool of period blood. OH Hell yeah!

After abit of exploration in Watsons, I found another type of tampons - Plastic applicator tampons. Basically it has this extendable applicator that helps to push & position the tampon in the vagina. A WHOLE LOT easier than digital tampons! But of course, alil bit pricier. However, many women find plastic applicators slide more easily into the vagina and are more comfortable to insert. I honestly swear by this, they are so easy to insert & they work so well!

But word of caution here, tampons generally slide into our female parts easily when there is heavy blood flow. Towards the end of my period I still have to revert back to using the good old pad.

A very important note, tampons have been found to increase the risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Hence before you start using the tampon, please read the instructions very carefully :)

Excellent conditioner for permed hair

When I was in Batam, 1 of my favourite activities is to roam down the shampoo section of the supermarkets. On one instance, I found this Sunsilk nourishing conditioner for bouncy curls! It only cost me round $3-4 (can't remember exactly). True to its promise, after shampoo & conditioning, my curls look very refreshed after every wash.

Unfortunately, this product is not available in local Watsons & beauty store Venus. Boohoo... Guess I can only restock the next time I am in Batam!

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Staycation at Equarius Hotel, RWS (Part 2)

Following morning, buffet breakfast was served at Forest 森 (Equarius Hotel, Lobby). Before arriving in the restaurant I was feeling all hyped because c'mon, buffet breakfast = scrumptious meal = superbly done scrambled eggs + yummy sausages + oily sinful bee hoon + all things yummy/delectable blah blah blah!

As it was a Monday morning, the restaurant was pretty empty, we got seated promptly. First dish I went for has got to be scrambled eggs. Gosh, it was a major disappointment! :( If McDonald's scrambled eggs was a perfect 10 then their scrambled eggs will be a miserable 2. Goodness gracious, the eggs were completed soaked in milk, all gooey & yucky. Gets me upset just to talk about it.

Well, since they are capable of screwing up such a simple dish, needless to say the other dishes were totally not worthy of mention. You honestly will not revisit for a second helping. Even the watermelon juice was horrid, super diluted! Please don't tell me they actually used syrup! My oh my. After the unsatisfying breakfast, we crawled back to bed.

Requested for late check-out at 1pm, after checking out we realized we just missed the shuttle bus going toward S.E.A. Aquarium. Normally buses come at every 15min interval but as its lunch time, the next bus only arrives 30mins later. We were hanging round the lounge area, waiting for time to pass. Round 15mins later, a friendly staff approached us & offered to get a buggy to send us to our destination. SWEET!

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Staycation at Equarius Hotel, RWS (Part 1)

1st weekend of 2014 saw us celebrating our 6th anniversary with a staycation at Equarius Hotel in RWS. Since our anniversary falls on the 6th of Jan, it made sense to book our stay on 5th Sun -6th Mon which inevitably helped saved us some money because if we were to book our stay on the weekend (4th Sat - 5th Sun) the price will be alot higher. Furthermore, when I was doing my research I was also surprised to find quite a few hotels that require a minimum number of stay during this weekend since it was the first weekend of Jan.

After reading mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, I went with no expectations, or rather I am ready for the worst & all prepared to meet & counter-attack nasty duty managers & any other nonsense that may come my way. Official check-in was at 3pm but I did make a request for earlier check-in, we arrived round 2pm & all service staff at check-in counter were pre-occupied serving other guests. To my surprise, less than a minute of standing in queue, a friendly staff stepped out & offered to settle my room check-in. Delightful surprise! I had half expected some waiting time spent queuing. The staff who served me happened to be a sweet young thing (quite a chiobu leh!) too, pleasant on the eyes indeed hehe.

I booked a deluxe room but the staff, upon knowing we were celebrating our anniversary, has generously upgraded us to a deluxe garden room with a huge-ass lawn + balcony. Honestly, the area was so big, it could probably house 6 mahjong tables! Our room 301, faced lush greenery but if you looked downwards, it was the road leading to the hotel. I especially liked the serene surroundings, the peace & tranquillity was exactly what I needed. For those who prefer another view, the other end of the hotel rooms face RWS Adventure Cove Waterpark.

I was the mastermind behind this year's anniversary celebration, in my reservation I had stated we are celebrating our anniversary. The hotel was generous enough to offer a complimentary cake (which tasted just like a lump of milk, but well, free things cannot hiam right) though I did try to request to swap the cake for 2 glasses of champagne instead since for my dinner reservation I had requested for a customized cake. So much for inflexibility & certainly UN-personalized service. Which brings to mind how awesome W Singapore Sentosa Cove was when we celebrated our 5th anniversary there.

Equarius hotel does not offer free wifi which seems pretty ridiculous considering this is a 5-star hotel! Booo! I spoke to duty manager Randy who handled my enquiry really badly.

Bad experience aside, the walk to the pool was horrendously far & there was no shelter! Barely 10mins into the pool & rain came, we had no choice but to retreat back to our room. Soon it was dinner time & we caught the Sentosa island shuttle bus to Quayside Isle (the stop to alight is W Singapore Sentosa Cove). Being a Sunday night, the restaurants were pretty empty & we dined at Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro, pretty decent food. Only quibble being the time taken to serve our dessert, at 8pm I already gestured to the waiter to bring our the surprise - customized cake. It was a frustrating long wait as the fiancé was asking for the bill & wanting to leave the restaurant.

Finally at 8.30pm my long-awaited surprise came! Phew! The restaurant served the cake complimentary & even gave us 10% off the bill.

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