Saturday, 31 May 2014

Review for Beauty Veranda (2 Hour Spa Indulgence)

If you know me, I am quite the Groupon auntie (or maybe with age, I just pay more attention to the value I get for every buck I spend). I buy such deals very frequently. Food, nails, Brazilian waxing, IPL, massage, facial, these deals are commonly what I would purchase. Typically after a massage session, it is normal to feel like you just stepped out of a frying pan because of the massage oil, and not to mention a facial would generally mean that you leave the saloon looking like a red puffer fish with all that facial extraction. Hence it made sense, at least to me, to dash home after any massage or facial.

So I made the decision to buy this Groupon because the location was convenient for me. The $42 deal included:
60 min Bamboo Full Body Massage
60 min Jyunka Peel Facial Treatment with Premium Mask M+ Instant Lifting & Radiance by Jyunka
Choice of Aromatherapy Back Scrub, Back Mask, or Tummy Detox Treatment

When I called to make the appointment, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to book my massage on the immediate weekend. Usually for saloons that run these sort of promotions, they will tell you "oh weekends fully booked because many people redeeming their coupons." Upon further checking I realise this Groupon deal was only purchased by 16 customers, that explains why I was able to get my appointment so easily!

This was my virgin experience with bamboo massage & it definitely hurts but tolerable. Right after the massage session I decided that I still prefer good ol' human hands kneading my aching muscles over a bamboo stick. Halfway through the massage, the therapist asked if I would want to proceed with a back scrub or back mask. No mention of tummy detox surprisingly but I didn't kick a fuss over it & opted for back scrub.

After the massage, I was lying on the bed comfortably waiting for the facial to start, the therapist suddenly barged in to say that I needed to switch rooms as another customer was going to use the room (!!!). A male customer was waiting outside. Wow thank you lor... I wrapped myself up hastily using their towel & exited the room.

At the very beginning when I was registering, the sales staff had informed me that this facial was not a full facial (i.e. no scrub, no steam, no extraction) as this facial session was only meant to let customers experience & witness the effects of their facial products. Beauty Veranda uses Jyunka brand of products which comes from France & I could really see the effects on my skin W.O.W.! Most noticeably was the uplighting effect on my cheeks.

Without hesitation, I signed up for a 6 session package at $68 per session, not too pricey I thought. Each facial session comprises of cleanse, extract, massage & mask.

Just when I was into my 2nd session of the package, the consultant started selling packages to me again (please, my existing package is barely utilized). To which I nicely rejected. Finally, at my 2nd last session, the consultant promoted another package to me, 10 sessions for $888. What an auspicious number but too big a hole for my wallet, hence I rejected. Besides, my skin condition is not in such dire state to warrant a $88 per session facial. What a pity though because I really enjoyed the facial sessions there.