Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review for Eye Lash Extension at Dreamlash

Groupon deal - For $42, you get a 60 min Korean Premium Silk Lash-by-Lash Eye Lash Extension + Additional Touch Up for One Pax (worth $168).

Made an appointment to redeem the Groupon & the therapist explained the 2 different types of extensions available, (1) Premium lashes & (2) Diamond silk lashes (which feels more comfortable when glued onto your real lashes & appears more natural but of course, costs more). The Groupon I bought, entitles me to the Premium lashes. Naturally the therapist went on to promote the Diamond lashes because currently they have an in-store promotion, for $68 customers can enjoy the Diamond silk lash extension + a free removal.

For the Groupon I purchased, I have to top up an additional $28 for removing the extensions, which brings the price of the whole lash extension to $70 ($42 + $28). Of course I didn't opt for the diamond lashes because I already paid $42 for the Groupon, if I were to top up for the Diamond lashes, this would mean the money spent on the Groupon was as good as throwing cash down the drain.

Subsequently I went onto Dreamlash's website & found that the Diamond silk lashes trial costs $68 & includes free eyebrow trimming + removal of lash. If I had gone on to purchase following what the therapist's advice, I would have spent $42 + $68 = $110. Not very honest selling eh? Groupon could have been clearer by adding on that customer would need to top up $28 for removal, I had originally believed that no removal was necessary as the extensions would eventually fall off by themselves.

It was my first time doing lash extensions & I was very glad that the extensions felt comfortable & not the least bit heavy or prickly on my eyelids. Myself being a heavy eyeliner user, have to rub my eye area daily when removing makeup, safe to say the lashes are still intact after 1-2 weeks. From below pictures it is obvious how the lash extensions made me look refreshed (Very zhng-ed) even without my usual eyeliner.

Oh for those who are curious, I didn't go back for lash removal, I figured the bonding glue will fade eventually & the extensions should fall off by themselves.

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