Sunday, 1 February 2015

Review of facial at SkinLab The Medical Spa, Wheelock Place

$28 Groupon deal includes 90 min Clinical Vita C Infusion Facial + Mask with Eye Treatment + 15 min Lactic Peel. Arrived on time for my appointment on a Sunday morning. Upon consultation, I made known that my key concern was blackheads. The consultant advised that I should top up for a medical peel (which was previously known as chemical peel, using salicylic acid) because the Lactic Peel included in my Groupon was much milder. The salicylic acid would allow the blackheads to be extracted easily subsequently.

With the promise of less painful extraction, I went ahead and topped up $38 for the peel. Mind you, this top up already costs more than the Groupon deal itself. I guess for me, I like to try and experience new treatments which will treat my blackheads and in particular, any treatments which will pave the way for less painful extractions is a must-try for me, provided it is within my affordability.

I had high expectations for the facial, SkinLab promoted themselves as a medical spa hence I had the impression that the products used in the facial must be of higher grade than your usual beauty salons. Unfortunately, the facial did not meet my expectations. During the exit interview, I had voiced out my disappointment.

Firstly, the salicylic acid peel served no purpose because the facial extractions still hurt (like a b!tch) to the same extent as my usual facials. In fact the blackheads extraction was not performed thoroughly. I was taken aback when the consultant explained that her beautician did not perform a full extraction as I was using a Groupon deal. I suppose a suitable analogy would be - imagine you went to a restaurant which serves you half-cooked food and the restaurant manager then explains to you "Oh we are serving you sub-standard food because you are a Groupon customer." *Slow clap* Another tiny gripe I had was, the beautician did not even trim my eyebrows. I was clearly not impressed.

The consultant went on to offer 2 subsequent facials at $268 and she promised that this time round the beautician will (1) perform the full suite of services (extraction in particular) and (2) leave the chemical peel on the nose for a longer period of time for the blackheads to be better exfoliated.

I felt this was illogical, the whole point of working with Groupon is to promote your brand to new customers like myself, and if your services and treatments were in fact that fantastic (like how it was with Gangnam), customers would be able to tell and see the results from this one trial session. Why would customers purchase any more of your services if the trial session produced no results? Needless to say based on my personal experience with SkinLab, my overall review is a thumbs down.

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