Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Tim Ho Wan, IFC Mall

When one mentions Tim Ho Wan in Singapore, other than the mouthwatering dim sum that comes to mind, the less exciting part has got to be the long queue & endless waiting time. So when we were in Hong Kong, other than savouring the authentic Tim Ho Wan, we also hoped for a shorter waiting time.

Secretly stowed in the basement of Hong Kong MTR station, the restaurant is not exactly easy to find but ask your way around, you will definitely get there. The dim sum is worth the walk!

We arrived at 11.30am & there was a crowd of customers around, fortunately we barely waited 10-15mins for the table, thank goodness! The food was excellent, price was acceptable too. After eating here I am a believer, thankfully Tim Ho Wan has outlets in Singapore, just a matter of whether we want to brave the queue :)


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