Sunday, 18 August 2013

Staycation at Studio M Hotel

Over the weekend my BFF & I booked a room for one night stay at Studio M Hotel. This was my second stay, first time being last year over Christmas with friends. Their Loft room concept appealed to us hence we decided on staying here for our staycation.

The day didn't start off smoothly as we waited in vain for a taxi at my BFF's place. We flagged till our arms were sore & called till our iPhones were heated from prolonged use yet we still couldn't get a cab :(

After more than half an hour round 12.30pm we were finally in a taxi, on the journey to the hotel I called up the Front Desk to check on their room availability (official check-in time is 2pm). When I made the room reservation on Agoda, I specifically stated my request for early check-in however how the hotel handles such request really falls short of expectation to say the least. The staff whom I spoke to could only give textbook replies such as "I cannot promise you anything", "there is nothing I can do", "official check-in is at 2pm."

For the record I am not demanding the staff to promise me anything. What they could or should have done to help with the situation could just be a simple gesture such as offering to call me up once the check-in queue has cleared or when the room is ready. I guess that would really mark the difference between outstanding customer service versus just doing their job.

Leaving this unhappy incident aside, our cab arrived at the hotel at 1pm & to our surprise there wasn't a queue for check-in like what the staff had earlier mentioned on the call. Check-in was a breeze & we even got an upgrade from the Studio Loft to Premier Loft.

BFF & I had a chillax time, just lazing around in the comfortable room & taking pictures in the room, at the pool & around the hotel :)

When hunger finally caught up with us, UE Square was just a stone throw away & we bought tidbits to fill our tummy. Dinner was settled at Watami at Central (also walking distance from our hotel).

We had included breakfast with our room booking & breakfast was served from 6.30-10.30am. Early in the morning we got up & went for a jog down Singapore River, scenic view indeed!

Back at the hotel, we showered & its time for breakfast! Another unhappy incident happened when we were at the eggs station, this auntie appeared out of nowhere rudely demanding to know our room number. I thought she was a tour guide so I brushed her off by saying "we are not with you guys." But she pressed on to which my BFF replied. Seriously WTH? Who is this woman? Later on we found out she was a hotel staff too but her outfit really does not differentiate her from the hotel guests!

Anyways, we enjoyed our breakfast at the alfresco dining area. Nothing beats having natural sunshine accompanying us as we chomp on our food. If only we could spend Sundays morning like this all the time!

Soon it was time for out check-out but after this successful staycation I'm sure the BFF & I will be having more in the future :)

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