Monday, 6 January 2014

Staycation at Equarius Hotel, RWS (Part 2)

Following morning, buffet breakfast was served at Forest 森 (Equarius Hotel, Lobby). Before arriving in the restaurant I was feeling all hyped because c'mon, buffet breakfast = scrumptious meal = superbly done scrambled eggs + yummy sausages + oily sinful bee hoon + all things yummy/delectable blah blah blah!

As it was a Monday morning, the restaurant was pretty empty, we got seated promptly. First dish I went for has got to be scrambled eggs. Gosh, it was a major disappointment! :( If McDonald's scrambled eggs was a perfect 10 then their scrambled eggs will be a miserable 2. Goodness gracious, the eggs were completed soaked in milk, all gooey & yucky. Gets me upset just to talk about it.

Well, since they are capable of screwing up such a simple dish, needless to say the other dishes were totally not worthy of mention. You honestly will not revisit for a second helping. Even the watermelon juice was horrid, super diluted! Please don't tell me they actually used syrup! My oh my. After the unsatisfying breakfast, we crawled back to bed.

Requested for late check-out at 1pm, after checking out we realized we just missed the shuttle bus going toward S.E.A. Aquarium. Normally buses come at every 15min interval but as its lunch time, the next bus only arrives 30mins later. We were hanging round the lounge area, waiting for time to pass. Round 15mins later, a friendly staff approached us & offered to get a buggy to send us to our destination. SWEET!

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