Sunday, 19 January 2014


If I were to look back at the life-changing events in my life, getting to know how to use the almighty tampon is definitely in the top 10 list.

In my > 10 years of wearing sanitary pads, I will tell you it is goddamn uncomfortable. And as if having my uterus bleed itself out over a span of 5-7 days is not horrifying enough, I still have to put up with the sight of a bloody pad (both literally & figuratively) each time I visit the toilet! And to add greater distress, when I jog during my period, having my female parts constantly rubbing against the dry & rough surface of the pad is again, VERY uncomfortable.

So one fine day, I decided to try a tampon in place of a pad, I bought a box of digital tampons (These tampons do not have an applicator. To insert the tampon, you push the tampon into the vagina with your fingers - hence the term, digital) from Watsons & begun experimenting to find out how exactly to fit this tiny bullet into my female parts.

Basically you just stick it into your female parts. Seems easy but right after I exit the ladies & sat down, all I felt was discomfort because the tampon was poking me somewhere. I don't know where but it definitely did not felt right. Hence after some reading, I figured I must have mispositioned the tampon. Hence I removed it & inserted another one, this time pushing it deeper into my vagina. Voila! Now it works. The satisfaction was mind-blowing. Imagine no longer having to sit on your own pool of period blood. OH Hell yeah!

After abit of exploration in Watsons, I found another type of tampons - Plastic applicator tampons. Basically it has this extendable applicator that helps to push & position the tampon in the vagina. A WHOLE LOT easier than digital tampons! But of course, alil bit pricier. However, many women find plastic applicators slide more easily into the vagina and are more comfortable to insert. I honestly swear by this, they are so easy to insert & they work so well!

But word of caution here, tampons generally slide into our female parts easily when there is heavy blood flow. Towards the end of my period I still have to revert back to using the good old pad.

A very important note, tampons have been found to increase the risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Hence before you start using the tampon, please read the instructions very carefully :)

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