Sunday, 20 April 2014

Phuket trip Apr'14 - Shopping!

Shopping -
(1) Phuket town weekend night market
This is a large scale local market, you can find everything ranging from food, clothes, souvenirs, accessories, DVDs, temporary tattoo services. First & foremost food, on day 2 we only had breakfast in the hotel before embarking on our city tour at 11am, as your can imagine when we got to the weekend market round 5pm we were famished. But much to our delight there were just SOOOO many stalls in the weekend market selling food.

Some of the food we had -
Grilled squid (THB40 ~S$1.60),
Fresh mango (THB25 ~S$1),
Tom Yum Goong + Thai friend rice + a can of lemon tea (THB185 ~S$7.50),
Huge sausage on a stick (THB20 ~S$0.80)
Fishcake on a stick (THB20 ~S$0.80)
Orange ice blended (THB20 ~S$0.80)
Iced orange tea (THB20 ~S$0.80)
A slice of chocolate crepe cake (THB60 ~S$2.40)
Spicy fishcakes
Mussels omelette
Chicken satay
Fried chicken wing
Mango salad

The shopping was also quite unbeatable, shorts going at THB100 ~S$4, tops also going at THB100 ~S$4. The weekend night market is pretty huge, you could easily spend 4-5hrs there, shopping & filling your tummy at the same time. Day 3 after checking out the walking street in Phuket town, we made our way back to the weekend night market because we really couldn't get enough of mainly the food & partly the shopping!

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