Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Thur night out - (1) The Chop House & (2) OutPost Bar & Bistro

Way overdue but anyway, on our monthly night outs, we chanced upon this restaurant in VivoCity. Dim lights & diners huddled together for cosy conversations, we felt very much at ease in this comfortable setting.

3 of us shared -
(1) Caesar Salad
(2) Seafood Platter (my favourite dish, the prawns & salmon were fresh & cooked to perfection, I especially liked how the freshness of the seafood was not overpowered by the marinate)
(3) Pork Burger (everyone around us were having burgers, since after finishing the seafood platter we still had stomach space for food, we added on this order)

After dinner we proceeded to OutPost Bar & Bistro to chill out with the live band playing. The first band that played was not worth mentioning because I felt their arrangement is very messy or rather, they play on a very impromptu basis so the drummer will go along with his senses to add on suitable beats to the song. The vocalist was not impressive as well. The next band however WAS impressive & the vocalist was none other than Ruth Kueo 魏妙如. Tiny girl with huge vocals, I love her performance ALOT! That night I heard her sing Mandarin, English as well as one Cantonese song, brilliant live act!

Beer, sausages, live music, fun-loving colleagues. This is how I spent my public holiday eve :)

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