Thursday, 4 September 2014

Review of lash extensions at HLH Sanctuary Beauty

I have a confession to make, I am becoming an eyelash extension addict. Following the removal for the lousy cluster extensions on Sat, I have again "zhng-ed" my eyelashes. Of course this time round, back to good'ol trusty & comfortable lash by lash extensions.

Bought a JuzToday deal for lash extensions at $18 but the therapist recommended upgrading $48 to softer, thicker & longer lasting lashes which I gladly paid for because after the nightmare with cluster lashes I realise the importance of soft & comfortable extensions.

Arrived punctually for my appointment & I'm promptly whisked off to one of the rooms to have my extensions done. The stark contrast this time round versus the other times at Dreamlash as well as Lisa Beauty was the private individual rooms allocated to each customer, largely because HLH Sanctuary Beauty operates as a beauty saloon. As my natural lashes were sparse to begin with, the therapist could only attach that many extensions hence the end result, my lash extensions weren't as thick as the first time with Dreamlash.

To my horror, as I was cleansing my face that very evening, almost all of the extensions fell off. The extensions on my right eye have ALL fell off. Honestly, what lousy products does HLH use? I felt deceived by the therapist. All that crap about thicker & longer-lasting extensions, entirely bullshit. Let the pictures do the talking. 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I bought the same deal as well and will be going for my appointment tomorrow! Now I'm thinking if I should give it a miss. =(

Peipeipeipei said...

Oh but if you cancel then what are you gonna do with the deal? Can refund?