Thursday, 28 August 2014

Review of cluster lash extensions at Lisa Beauty, City Plaza (no, this is not MY shop)

There is a saying in Chinese which goes "一分钱,一分货" which simply translates into - you get what you pay for.

Since the last extension done at Dreamlash, I was very much in love with eyelash extensions but the package at Dreamlash is just too pricey. Hence I googled abit to see what are some cheaper alternatives. The very primitive form of eye lash extensions would be cluster lash extensions. As it turns out there are quite a couple of beauty saloons in City Plaza which offers cluster lash extensions.

Chanced upon a Groupon for lash extensions at Secret Beauty for $20. Called to enquire & since first-time walk-in customers also enjoy the same price, I immediately made an appointment. Travelled down to Secret Beauty located at City Plaza on Thur evening to have my lashes done in time for my casual photo-shoot on Fri.

Arrived on time at 7pm only to find the 2 therapists still working on their customers' lashes. Since I didn't want to waste time waiting & there were 2 other beauty saloons which offer lash extensions just near by, I decided to try my luck at the neighbouring saloons.

The saloon, Lisa Beauty, showed me the cluster lashes they used & quoted me $30 for the extensions. Price was reasonable & I decided to go ahead with this saloon. As the therapist was tugging at my lashes trying to remove the single lash extensions done previously at Dreamlash, she was causing me quite alot of pain & I feared for my natural lashes. Cluster lashes are glued onto your eyelids hence there is certainly discomfort, bearing that thought in mind, I had to manage my expectations. The glue she used caused this burning sensation to my eyes & immediately I regretted walking into this dodgy saloon.

Finally when the glue has dried up, the therapist handed me a mirror to inspect the end product. I like what I see & the effect is exactly what I wanted - dramatic lashes. The end effect simply resembles that of false eyelashes. However the discomfort arising from the extensions being glued onto my eyelids, was causing me quite a fair bit of pain. When I got home & had a closer look at where the extensions start, I finally understand why my eyes felt so irritated - the lash extensions start from the inner corners of my eyes. So each time I blink, the extensions rub against my eyelids.

Furthermore, these extensions are thick plastic strands, unlike the soft & natural-looking ones at Dreamlash. Not only does my eyelids feel heavy, each time I shut my eyes tightly my eyelids will hurt because the lashes are glued onto the lids. So when cleansing my face & showering, I was faced with yet another inconvenience - my eyelids hurt like hell when I shut my eyes tightly.

I was greatly annoyed by the extensions & determined to get them removed ASAP after the photo-shoot on Fri. When I got home on Fri evening after the shoot, I was pretty sure my eye makeup was not removed completely since the extensions were in the way. I couldn't stop my itchy fingers from touching the extensions, to my surprise, the extensions at the inner corner of my eyes could be easily removed.

Sat afternoon I arrived at the saloon for removal, the same therapist apply this white paste-like substance onto the eyelashes. I sat around for a good 15-20mins hoping that the removal will be minimally painful. I was WRONG. The removal process hurts like a bitch, it felt as though she was trying to rip off my natural lashes. Yes, OUCH! In case you are wondering, yes my natural lashes survived the massacre & are still alive on my eyelids, phew. But evidently my natural lashes have weakened, each time I rub my eyes, a couple of lashes will fall off :(

May this awful experience serve as a helpful aid when you are considering cluster extensions!

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