Monday, 4 May 2015

Review of lash extensions by freelance lash artist Julia

My lash craze has continued much to the dismay of my wallet and after hunting down a few saloons to find out about their package prices, below are some of my findings (in order of priority based on my experience with them) -
1. Dreamlash (I called the saloon 11times before someone answered my call, really casted doubt over how easy it would be to secure an appointment with them if I had purchased a package)
Each session comprising of full set extensions + removal
5 sessions - $688
8 sessions - $988

2. Lolita's Lash
Buy 4 touch-up sessions and get 1 touchup free - $396

3. HighBrow (I asked if it was possible to swap the removal sessions into touchups, the kind staff responded with an explanation of how important it is to have proper removal to ensure no glue residue is left behind on the eyelids, now I know!)
Each session comprises of full set extensions + touchup + removal
7 sessions - $660

If you had seen me without eyeliner on, you would know I look perpetually exhausted because of my tiny Asian-slit eyes and literally non-existent natural eyelashes.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a presentable face.

Imagine having semi-permanent fake eyelashes without the hassle of pasting the falsies, without the discomfort of the fake lash weighing down on your eyelids.

These are just some of the benefits semi-permanent lash extensions offer.

In short, the lash extensions really make me look less shitty when I get up in the morning so much so that I can come to office without eyeliner. Which explains my undying love for eyelash extensions. Based on my experiences with both the good and bad, here are 2 factors which I believe determines the level of comfort in the user as well as the lifetime of the extensions -

1. Adherence of the lash extensions - the uncomfortable lash extensions are pasted onto the root/tip of your natural lashes, hence when you blink or close your eyes tightly, the glue residues "bite" into your eyelids causing great discomfort. When the extensions fall off, there is also a high likelihood of your natural lashes falling off together.

On the other hand, the comfortable extensions are pasted mid-length onto your natural lashes. this way you do not feel the extensions at all.

2. Quality of the lash glue and skill of the lash technician - a skilled technician would know the right amount of glue to use to ensure that the extensions adhere well because excessive glue would cause a burning sensation - which was what happened at The Best Beauty - when you open your eyes after the lashes are completed.

No matter how strong the glue is or how skilled the technician is, much depends on how well the user maintains the extensions. Some of the common activities to avoid include -
1. Oil-based makeup removers and mascaras (in fact, with the extensions done you would not require much eye make-up, hence a gentle cleanser should suffice)
2. Swimming
3. Rubbing of the eye area (this is self-explanatory because it causes the extensions to fall off)

In fact when I shower, I try hard not to get water from the shower head directly onto my face otherwise I would have to dry my eyes using my palms, this is deadly for the extensions!

Back to the recent lash extension I did, after searching high and low for reputable saloons offering lash-by-lash extensions, I was thrilled to chance upon Julia's advertisement for home-based eyelash extensions services! Prices were really competitive, what more, she travels to your place at no extra transport charge, Imagine my surprise when the petite lady who showed up at my doorstep is a Korean lady! Upon taking her suggestion I went for the $75 extensions and because my natural lashes are very short and sparse, Julia had quite a hard time fixing the extensions. The whole session took approximately an hour, thanks to her patience, dexterous fingers and fantastic skills, I was very pleased with the end result of the extensions!

As at today, the extensions are already 2 weeks old and I am very happy to say that they are still very much intact and I really recommend Julia's services :) No doubt for first-timers, Groupon deals will be alot cheaper but going long term, as seen from package prices of the various saloons listed above, $75 per session is definitely more affordable :)


Anonymous said...


Just wondering how your lash extensions are doing atm, and how you would rate them - have you tried KJStudio lash extensions?


Peipeipeipei said...


Past the 2 week mark I found that the remaining extensions were rather sparse already.

Hence I resumed my routine of applying eyeliner daily which inevitably led to the extensions falling off fast and furious when I remove my makeup.

As at today my extensions have all fallen off :) I've not been to LKStudio before, are their prices good?

Anonymous said...

Tbh, KJStudio prices are not cheap. I think they're in the higher range, in fact. But from reviews I've seen (by other bloggers), it sounds like they might be pretty good. Just not sure how impartial the reviews are since they're more ads than objective reviews.

But thanks for the reply!