Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review of PulsedLight Skin Facial at CSK Aesthetics, Tampines Telepark

Upon receiving CSK clinics' pamphlet in my mailbox, I made an appointment with the intention of trying out their laser facial at a promotional price of 4 sessions at $68. But when I arrived the branch manager told me that the doctor on duty has left for the day (??? I did make an appointment to see the doctor for laser facial, didn't I!).

Anyway, my intention for going down to the clinic is to treat my skin concerns (namely, dull skin), not pick an argument hence after my consultation with branch manager Kerlyn, she recommended PulsedLight Skin Facial.

Mention IPL and one would commonly associate it with hair removal treatments. True enough, INTENSE PULSED-LIGHT (IPL) HAIR REMOVAL is an advanced and semi-permanent hair reduction method. Beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root. New hair growth is delayed and a percentage of hair may not re-grow. (Source:

Another application of IPL, which is gaining large popularity in recent years, is actually in facials towards treating skin conditions.

PulsedLight Skin Facial CSK® Clinical IPL makes use of pulses of light to reverse the skin's photo aging process, pigmentation and vascular lesions. It is a comfortable, virtually painless and quick procedure. Our clinical IPL systems incorporates the latest advances in cosmetic IPL - more powerful and yet much less painful. This is due to the “cold touch” technology and combination with thermal RF for better penetration deep into the skin layers. (Source:

The clinic was running promotions and 13 sessions of said treatment will cost $1,638 before GST. I was not going to put my money down on something new which I have never tried before. Per session ala carte price was $204 before GST. However since I had already made a trip down, I was prepared to shell out $180 for this session which Kerlyn eventually managed to work it out and offered me the treatment at $180.

I must mention that there were a few small acne bumps on my face, just pure bad skin day (plus a late period) because I do not have acne problems so to speak. To which Kerlyn and also the beautician noted and mentioned the IPL facial will help alleviate the acne.

After settling payment, I was brought to the treatment room, the beautician first removes my makeup and double cleanses my face. After which a cooling gel was applied onto the skin before the machine was applied onto. With goggles to protect the eyes, all you could feel were bright pulses of light being applied onto the face in a systematic manner. There was only slight discomfort (definitely more tolerable than laser facial) around the lip and mouth area as the skin was thinner in those regions. After completing the IPL application, a mask was applied to cool down the skin surface. Do note that this a not a full facial so to speak, no extraction, facial & neck massage included.

Immediately after the treatment I did not see visible results, the acne bumps were still there. Hence I left the clinic without signing up for a package.

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