Friday, 6 March 2015

Deal gone sour?

I purchased a 3 session massage from to redeem at Narcissus Javanese Massage & Hairdressing.

I was able to redeem the first session smoothly, albeit the masseuse miunderstanding my instructions - I had requested for the 1hr session to be shortened to 45mins but she misunderstood as I wanted the session shortened to just 30mins. Narcissus is not exactly your posh spa place and the treatment "rooms" are actually partitioned by curtains. I didn't felt secure when removing my clothes before the massage. There were also no proper cupboards or locker for you to store your belongings.

Nonetheless the masseuse is good at kneading my sore shoulder and back with her firm strokes.

Made an appointment for the 2nd session on 13Feb but to my horror the merchant contacted me on 12Feb stating that they are not able to honour my voucher because Deal have not paid up for 2months already.

Rang up Deal and after plenty of time spent waiting on the line, a curt and unsympathetic customer service officer picked up my call. When I questioned her what happened, she shot back a reply saying that I am the 1st customer to voice out such a complaint. Out of concern that they are going bankrupt or winding up soon, I asked the officer if their company is facing any financial issues, to which she says she has to check with the relevant departments and cannot offer me a direct answer (oh wow, what a cover up?). Before I could even get her name, she hurriedly ended the call.

Meantime I had also dropped an email to Deal demanding to know what exactly happened -

I purchased the attached deal and made an appointment on 13Feb unfortunately the merchant tells me that did not pay up in the past 2 months hence they not allow me to redeem my massages. Please advise and refund at your earliest convenience.

Following the call the officer dropped me an email -

Hi Good afternoon to you.

We are in the process of checking your enquiry with the relevant department as well as the merchant. Kindly do provide us some time for us to provide you with the solution. Once we have received the solution, we will be contacting you at the soonest. We hope to have your kind understanding on this issue. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (65) 6299 3011.

Thank You.

Sincerely, Nurul
Customer Relations Executive
Ensogo Group

I also left a comment on the Deal's Facebook page demanding to know why, originally a representative had replied me but subsequently Deal deleted my comment entirely! Sneaky eh.

Thankfully did not take long to settle my dispute, on 16Feb they reverted

Dear Ms Lisa

Good day to you. Thank you for your email.

We will proceed with a refund for you for the remaining 2 sessions. The amount of $41.33 will be refunded back to you in approximately 14 - 21 working days, back to the same credit/debit card that was used to purchase the voucher. Thank you very much and have a nice day ahead. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (65) 6299 3011.

Thank You.

Sincerely, Nurul
Customer Relations Executive
Ensogo Group

As at today 6Mar, I am still waiting for my credit card statement, fingers crossed!

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