Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Review of bikini line IPL at BioSkin, Tampines

Groupon deal - For $88, you get 12 Bikini IPL Hair Removal Sessions (worth $3852).

Q : Did 12 sessions produce a permanent result?
A : No. After 12 sessions I still have very normal hair growth on the targeted area.

 Q : How was the overall experience at BioSkin?
A : Mediocre.

Inconsistencies with difference therapists - each time I visit, there is bound to be a different therapist attending to me. Though a therapist have mentioned before that each and every personnel is well-trained in the various services BioSkin offers. I did not experience that at all because for the 12 treatment sessions, every therapist administered (1) varying number of shots and (2) not hitting the same exact bikini line targeted area I signed up for. I did feel short-changed for that. Even when it came down to instructions for undressing, there was one treatment session where the therapist requested I removed my top (I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt) too just so that hair will not get onto my clothes. I was simply bewildered.

No hard-selling - this came across as a pleasant surprise because after the nasty experience at Jean Yip the last time round, I had a deep-seeded belief that these big enterprises will want to cross-sell customers different services available at their saloon. However at BioSkin, you can feel rest assured that you will walk in for your treatment and not have to listen to any hard-selling by their therapist. 

Ease of booking appointments - as I stay near the beauty salon, I usually picked weekend appointments as early as 9am in the morning so that I could continue the rest of my day with no disruptions. I usually book the next month's appointment on that month's appointment day. A couple of times I did have to reschedule and it was really a pain because the salon is almost always fully booked.

IPL experience - it is painful but tolerable, according to my underarm therapist at another salon, this could be due to BioSkin employing an older generation IPL machine which produces a distinct "piak" sound each time a pulse is administered. Furthermore, at body parts where there is so much nerve endings, sensations are naturally heightened.

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