Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review of Fat Freezing at Only Aesthetics, 25A Lorong Mambong

Purchased a Groupon for 2 sessions of Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for $114 but owing to misinformation on Groupon's website (not again!) and wrong information given by Only Aesthetics' staff, I showed up for my appointment only to find that the Lorong Mambong outlet does not have the Exilis Laser machine.

Nonetheless, the consultant swapped Exilis Laser Fat Reduction for Fat Freezing treatment (Groupon price 3 sessions for $260). In today's single appointment alone, the Fat Freeze treatment administered was 2 sessions. Of course, no beauty appointments are complete without up-selling by the consultant. As part of their ongoing promotion, the consultant recommended CoolSculpting for $588 which promises to deliver results in a single session. Blehhh, I am here to utilize my Groupon and see results from this treatment, not spend additional bucks on other costly treatments.

I went down during lunch and the clinic appeared to be under-staffed, the consultant attending to me was overwhelmed with phone calls and faxes. There was no explanation given to me for the treatment I was having and no explanations on what to expect.

After I rejected the consultant's offer for CoolSculpting and insisted on going ahead with Fat Freeze, the consultant kindly added that Fat Freeze does not produce results in a single session, I will need at least 5-6 sessions to see results.

The consultant applied a gel on my tummy and laid out a cold wet piece of cloth on my tummy before using the Fat Freeze machine on my target area. The overall sensation was a strong suction pressure (similar to vacuum cleaner) on my belly. The 2 suction plates (1 on each side of my tummy) is equivalent to 2 sessions of Fat Freeze.

After 45mins I was done and of course, there was no visible results (abuthen!). Oh well, at least I tried.


Anonymous said...


It has been a couple of months since the fat freeze treatment, did it produce any results?

Peipeipeipei said...

Nope. Zilch. No results at all.