Monday, 13 July 2015

Review of laser facial at Refresh Laser Clinic, Tampines Mall

Promotion as follows - Enjoy complete care at Refresh! Three minutes of Deep Laser (Gold standard FDA approved Revlite/Fotona) wash and two minutes of Intense Pulse Light Lift with pre and post treatment care by experience clinic assistant.

3 x Laser Facial at $60

Arrived promptly on a Friday evening for the first session of laser facial and after filling up the registration form, I was promptly whisked away to start the procedure. 

The clinic assistant first helped to cleanse and remove any makeup on my face before the doctor had a quick chat with me to find out my objectives from the laser treatments as it was my first session with Refresh. 

Before starting the doctor did mention that as this is my first session, he will lower the intensity accordingly.

The treatment room had about 4-5 beds and was partitioned by curtains, much unlike the individual private room I experienced at Gangnam Laser Clinic

The laser treatment was administered by doctor and right after followed by IPL administered by the clinic assistant.

The entire procedure took less than 15mins and I was able to book my 2nd appointment with much ease. The promotion I purchased requires the 3 sessions to be utilized within 7days hence the 2nd appointment was on the immediate Sunday evening. I am delighted to find that Refresh accepts appointments as late as 8.30pm on week days and even on weekends the doctor is available for laser facials.

On the 2nd appointment during the laser facial I was a little shocked when the laser facial felt more intense on my skin than before. I figured it is most likely due to the doctor upping the intensity since this was my 2nd session.

On the 3rd and final session, I chickened out and requested for a lower intensity which really felt like nothing on the skin. Needless to say when the laser operates at such lower power, there is not much effect so to speak. 

1st session by Dr David Tan
2nd session by Dr Yau
3rd session by a doctor whose name I can't remember. 

There is no consultation with the doctor nor follow-up offered and every single laser session I had a different doctor treating me. I am still deciding whether or not to take up a package because their prices are comparatively cheaper amongst all other laser clinics. 


Strawberrycupcake said...

Did you follow up to take up the package? How do you find the services and the effects?

Peipeipeipei said...

I didn't enjoy the service much, found that it was pretty touch and go. I didn't take up their package.