Friday, 17 July 2015

Review of eye define at Browhaus, Tampines1

Purchased the eyeliner tattoo session at $428 and went for the treatment this afternoon. I had to postpone the session to today because previously I had eyelash extensions which would reduce the effects of the numbing cream on my eyelids.

I was very worried about the pain factor because I wasn't sure how effective the numbing cream was going to be. The therapist first drew an outline of how the end results will look like before starting. Those who had seen me with my regular makeup would know that I usually line my eyelids with a thick line of eyeliner. However the therapist advised me against having such a thick line tattooed as this is semi-permanent after all. Henceforth we went ahead with a thinner, more natural look. 

She first applied the numbing cream which will take 15mins to take full effect. When she started, not only did the buzzing sound from the tattooing device send chills down my spine, I was also quite shocked to feel the tattoo device stinging my eyelids (isn't it supposed to be pain-free?). This is turning into quite a nightmare it seems. The therapist then applied a 2nd layer of numbing cream before continuing. 

The whole tattooing process was very uncomfortable to say the least, not to the extent of painful yet but just imagine how sensitive the eye area is and having ink jabbed into the skin multiple times? That is certainly not a soothing nor comfortable procedure at all.

At the end of the hour I was just super relieved that I survived without having my eyeballs pierced. Immediately after I could feel the swell in my eyelids and as the numbing cream started to wear off I could feel mild pain in the lids. 

The therapist did inform me of swelling the following day and I should use an ice pack to help relieve swelling. I also purchased the aftercare set ($160.50) to help prolong the lifetime of the eyeliner tattoo. The Build formula is said to repair and regenerate skin cells while the Fix balm is to help heal skin wounds.

Personally I would not recommend this treatment for the faint-hearted, I felt the whole experience was quite traumatizing. Undergoing such torture to save time over makeup is not a worthy trade at all! Had I known that the discomfort level was at such high intensity I would never have bought the treatment session. Nonetheless, each and every individual has his/her threshold for pain. I could undergo brazilian waxing with no sweat, facial sessions with intensive blackhead extractions also with no sweat. But this, tattooing on the eyelids is on another level altogether!

Recovery stages in another blog post soon!

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