Friday, 4 October 2013

Moo Bar & Grill

Had our TGIF dinner at Moo Bar & Grill to enjoy their one-for-one Seafood Platter promotion. The place was packed with people drinking (well, Friday night after all). Without a reservation, it would be impossible to get a seat. Managed to convince the waitress to allow us to change the free Seafood Platter to Crab Croquette as 2 Seafood Platters will be too much for us.

The Homemade Soup of the Day - Broccoli soup was more of an acquired taste, not really my cup of tea as it leaves a funny aftertaste. I would prefer eating broccoli in its original state, not blended into soup. Next dish was Atlantic Blue Swimmer Crab Croquette, portion was smaller than what I would expect. Again, the dish was forgettable. The Seafood Platter was quite a disappointment - mussels were not fresh & the portion is small. You would get better value & taste from Fish & Co or Manhattan Fish Market.

Moo Bar & Grill
21 McCallum Street
#01-03 to 06 The Clift
Singapore 069047

Tel : 6634 2662
email :

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