Saturday, 26 October 2013

Perming my hair @ JasonSally

My close girlfriends would have heard me contemplating a perm job for the longest time. After living with straight long hair for 25 years, just a few weeks shy of turning 26, I finally went ahead with perming my hair. The long delay was attributed to my concern of damaging my hair, with any sort of chemical treatment done to hair and/or scalp, you are essentially "forcing" your hair to behave in another manner. A manner which is not typical. Having done my research, a badly done perm will cause the hair to become dry. Imagine a head of maggie mee, oh god the horror!

After bugging Rachelle with my endless questions, I finally made an appointment at her saloon. To perm hair my length would require a good 5 - 6 hour, I went to the hair saloon armed with the fiance's trusty iPad & my butt bore the full brunt of the long long hours sitting on the chair. Thanks to Rachelle's sister, Sarah, the perm turned out to be fantastic! Also thanks to her wicked sense of humor which kept me entertained throughout the day, the long 5 - 6 hours passed by without much pain hahaha.

Honestly, I really do not foresee myself back with straight hair! The bouncy curls are so lovable. Much to my delight, my hair does not look dry or fried like it has just been struck by lightning (this is what a bad perm can do). In fact it is no different from when I had straight hair, except now those gorgeous curls are in place, the texture of my hair is still pretty much the same (my maggie mee concerns, phew!). When I had straight hair, I hated how flat it looks. Now with permed hair, I just love how luscious & voluminous my hair is! And I really love how professionals are so darn good at blow-drying hair. Having 2 hairdressers fussing over & blow-drying your hair, hard not to feel like a superstar hehe!

To make my day even better, I actually won 3rd prize from the shop's ongoing 32nd Anniversary sure win lucky dip, a revitalizing scalp / hydrating hair treatment + hair mask! Too awesome! With 2013 coming to an end, year 2014 is approaching in 28 days time, what better way to welcome the new year with a smashing new hairstyle? Quick, call & make your appointment now! :)

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