Sunday, 27 October 2013

Caring for curly wurly hair!

Right after perming, one is not supposed to wash his/her hair for at least 24hrs. This is to allow the chemicals to be better absorbed into the hair & hence a longer lasting perm! Immediately after I permed my hair, I was frantically looking around for a shampoo & conditioner specially catered for permed hair. As my hairdresser pointed out, the previous shampoo & conditioner I had used for smooth silky hair is too heavy for permed hair.

1 important step in caring for curled hair, other than the usual shampoo & condition has got to be the curling cream. When hair is semi-dry after shampoo, apply ample curl cream & twist the hair before allowing it to air dry. The curl cream not only sets the curls, it also gives hair the wet & bouncy effect.

Below are some products I use

1. L'Oreal Curl Contour shampoo
2. Beverly Hills Control taming conditioner
3. L'Oreal Curl Contour rinse-out hair mask
4. L'Oreal Total Repair shampoo
5. L'Oreal Total Repair conditioner
6. Merit Miracle Argan Curl Cream
7. Korean Curl Cream (bought from JasonSally)

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