Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bruno Mars - The Moonshine Jungle Tour

In Dec'13 I bought the tickets to Bruno's concert in Mar'14. Ever since I got the tickets, I have been counting down. MY 1st time watching a live concert, hell yeah!

Finally finally FINALLY, the day arrived. We got to Kallang Leisure Park for dinner & not surprisingly, the eating places in the mall was fully packed. Long queue for Thai Express, long queue for Subway, long queue everywhere. We ended up at the food court & only got ourselves seats after a long wait. Lesson learnt - prolly should have had dinner near office before heading down.

After dinner we proceeded to the Indoor Stadium, eagerly looking forward to 8pm for the show to start. However, the show only started at 8.30pm. Lesson learnt - concerts do not start on time. Nonetheless, Bruno, the man himself, did not disappoint. He simply sounds amazing singing live, fantastic mind-blowing vocals! The energy levels in the audience was at 101%! I was just so so SO GLAD that I got the tickets to his concerts.

I was screaming my lungs out to every single song #superteenagefangirl. When he sang the ballad "When I was your man" I literally melted, loveloveloveloveLOVEEEE BRUNO! After all the clapping, booty-shaking & jumping & swinging arms to songs, I was covered in sweat as though I did some sort of aerobics class.The air-conditioning in the Indoor Stadium wasn't that strong, lesson learnt - should have worn shorts & comfy top.

Concert ended punctually at 10pm & I certainly did not have enough, unfortunately there wasn't any encore performance :( My 1st experience at a live concert had certainly blown my mind away, Bruno was honestly a power-packed singer! Am sure looking forward to seeing him again

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