Saturday, 8 March 2014

Weekend Brunch at Lola's Cafe

Together with the bestie, we traveled to Kovan for brunch at Lola's. Imagine how loudly my famished stomach groaned when the waiter told us it was a one hour wait for table. Since there weren't shopping available nearby, we spent our time waiting for our seats at the cafe :(

Fortunately, there were no takers for outdoor seat hence we were seated after an half hour wait whoopee! The food was great, I'd say the quality of the food was worth the long queue time, thank god! If you do not mind queueing, Lola's is definitely a place worth going. What can I say, my girlfriend is just too awesome for discovering such wonderful brunch places!

While we were eating, the other customers who arrived at the restaurant were told that the wait was more than 1 hour & possibly as long as 2 hours, goodness gracious!

What we had -
Honey Paprika Crispy Wings (wanted to add that I normally do not eat chicken wings with the exception of KFC because I am to darn lazy to get my hands oily. But the wings here are hot & juicy. This is probably one of the rare times where I eagerly dug my fingers in for more!)
Monty Big Breakfast
Avocado Eggs Benedict
Marigold Round Fruit Tea
Strawberry Fruit Tea

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