Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday night at Switch, by Timbre

We've been talking about having Duck Pizza for the longest time & finally Thursday night after work found us at Switch. Thursdays just gives us so much reason to be happy, primarily because the weekends is just a day away. Having my hands on chicken wings, munching on pizza & savouring fried mantou dipped in chilli crab sauce was definitely a splendid way of spending my Thursday evening.

The bulk of the crowd were youngsters, presumably students from the school nearby so I did feel OLD. Nonetheless, the food was great, especially the pizza & seafood with mantou. Both were very oriental dishes. The live band came on at 9pm but the sound system was not working well & the band didn't have great interaction with the audience, for the most part, they were cracking lame jokes among themselves. 

Buffalo Wings
Seafood in Chilli Crab Sauce
Roasted Duck Pizza

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