Saturday, 22 March 2014

Redken Curvaceous Shampoo & Conditioner

Ever since I finished my bottle of L'oreal shampoo, I started using Redken Curvaceous. Bought a bottle of shampoo (300ml) & conditioner (250ml) from Beauty Language. Each bottle costs $17.90, considerably more expensive than L'oreal. Both shampoo & conditioner has a thick white consistency with a lovely fragrance. To my delight, the shampoo when used alone, does not leave hair feeling dry & coarse. But when used alongside the conditioner, the results are even more fantastic, your curls will feel all refreshed & bouncy again.

Also I would like to add (albeit randomly) that having curls also means that I get to switch around various brands each time one product finishes! It is very exciting to try out different products to see how each can help to nourish my curls :)

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