Sunday, 10 August 2014

This is what an allergy looks like - part 2

I spend my National Day weekend in Batam, upon returning to Singapore I was down with diarrhoea (yes, again). Since charcoal pills didn't do the trick, I found myself at the company clinic once again. The diagnosis this time round was food poisoning since there was alot of activity & gas in my stomach. The prescriptions were to treat stomach discomfort.

The doctor did not specifically state any food which I should avoid hence 4 days after, when I was feeling much better, my mum  cooked vegetables stir-fried with prawns. After consuming a couple of prawns, my eyes started burning. In a couple of minutes, my eye area swelled so severely that I couldn't open my eyes at all. The pain was horrifying & tears started falling uncontrollably. At the same time I was experiencing breathing difficulty as my nose was blocked. The severe bout of coughing which accompanied this allergic attack made me felt out of breath.

I immediately rushed off to the GP & the doctor himself was shocked to see the state I'm in ("I have never seen such severe allergic attacks before"). After taking 2 jabs, the swelling didn't subside & I still couldn't open my eyes properly. But thankfully the cough has stopped & I could breathe normally again. The doctor advised that (1) should the swelling not subside within 8-10hrs OR (2) the swelling does not improve but worsens, I have to visit the ER.

After 24hrs I was still barely recognisable as my eyes were reduced to tiny slits all thanks to the swelling. Recovery took 3-4days & upon doing some reading online, it seems like such allergic reactions will only get more severe with each attack because the body is unable to cope/deal with the toxic reactions. Hence a very lesson for me to take away is whenever I am on medication, I must steer clear of seafood.

Edit 10 Oct 2014 -

After sharing this on Facebook, I received plenty of well wishes & messages from family & friends. Thank you for your heartfelt concern everyone! Also to add, I have been a seafood lover for my entire life, never ever have I experienced any allergic reactions.

For those who are interested to read further, the swelling of the eyes which happened to me is a condition known as Angioedema.

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