Saturday, 9 August 2014

This is what an allergy looks like - part 1

Back in Apr, after returning from my short trip in Phuket, I was down with severe bouts of diarrhoea. Initially I thought nothing of it, my body was flushing itself inside out, no harm with some natural detox. But as the diarrhoea showed no signs of improvement, I had no choice but to drag my feet into the company doctor's clinic. Doctor's diagnosis was viral infection & he prescribed me a couple of drugs including antibiotics, paracetamol & charcoal pills.

Couple days later I was glad that my toilet visits have resumed normalcy, hence I gradually waned off the medication. One fine evening when having dinner at home, I ate prawns & 15mins later, the area around my eyes started to itch & simultaneously started swelling. Tiny bumps started appearing on my eyelids & eyebag. My nose, throat & ears started to itch. I had originally wanted to let the swelling subside by itself but the burning sensation around my eye area felt unbearable.

When it was my turn to see the GP, his diagnosis was that I might be inherently allergic to one of the drugs prescribed for diarrhoea (highest possibility of the culprit being paracetamol) & the prawns were the perfect catalyst to trigger the allergy. Fortunately for me, no permanent dis-figurations from this allergic attack.

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